The Spotlight Is Following the USB-C Port. Worry Not, It’s Not a Fake Fame!

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USB-C… this term, and apparently, this month didn’t just get a moment of fame. Well, it had MOMENTS of fame, and we are going to count the moment. 

After the iPhone parents unveiled its new iPhone 15 now connects with other phone brands because of the changeset of their chargers to the C portal. It went viral. But did anyone ask themselves why this major switch from Apple?

Why the big significance? And for what? Especially for Apple, it has its own character in everything, literally everything. Switching to connect with other phones through the USB-C is something huge, and it has to be said.  

Long story short, the paybacks of the USB-C is distributed in several aspects. Accordingly try to focus on what is coming your way from benefits, the same benefits of your multi-vitamin pill.  

Let me introduce you to the 5 benefits of switching to USB-C

  1. No more frustration trying to figure out which way the connector goes since USB-C connectors are reversible. You can insert them in whatever way.  
  1. You can transfer data between devices much faster than with older USB standards. USB-C cooperates with the latest USB standards, including USB 3.2 and USB 4. 
  1. 100 watts of power, up to 100 to be more accurate USB-C can deliver. Enough power to boost the gaming consoles as well as laptops. Only one USB-C cable can do both: charger and power devices.  
  1. Video Output: DisplayPort and Thunderbolt video output are both supported by the USB-C port. You can easily connect to external monitors and other displays.   
  1. USB-C is getting a reputation guys, a successful one. Let’s congratulate it for becoming universal, a universal compatibility. The USB-C is supported by a wide range of devices: Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and again gaming consoles.   

And let’s not forget that the USB-C got an upgrade to be more robust but smaller in size, which is a win-win situation in both cases.  

Itching our heads for this one… 

Another ‘maybe’ is deserved here: Some tweaks over here had pushed Apple to finally bring the C switch to life. I wonder if this move might overshadow certain criticism surrounding resulting their new lineup.  

Enjoy the best C option in the market of USB-s.

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