Twitter spaces upped its game by welcoming co-hosts

Twitter co-hosts

Twitter’s take on the Clubhouse-style audio feature is witnessing new upgrades. The micro-blogging site announced that starting this week, Spaces hosts can welcome other users to help them with moderation. 

With this new expansion, multiple hosts can now talk at once in Twitter’s Spaces. 

Once a user receives an invite to co-host, all the privileges the original host enjoys will be given to the co-hosts. Having the ability to speak, inviting other members in the room to talk, pinning tweets, as well as kicking users out from the session will be granted. 

However, here are the limitations; co-hosts won’t be able to remove the original host, invite other hosts, nor can they end a broadcast. 

Inviting a co-host is done through a simple system that allows you to search for your desired user. 

After Twitter’s experiment with stories failed, the new co-hosting addition will be visible in the top area of users’ timelines in the app (right where Fleets used to be).  

The recently added feature aims to keep Spaces under control, especially when dealing with a growing audience.  

Not only is this addition useful, it also showcases the importance Twitter places on its popular social audio feature.