UK telcos receive call connection complaints

UK telcos receive call connection complaints

In times of a crisis – like the covid-19 pandemic – the most important possession we have right now is our trusty mobile device which enables us to stay in touch with loved ones near and far. It has been a great source of comfort to all and a lifeline for the vulnerable and elderly. However, when making an outgoing call becomes a problem, it can trigger feelings of anxiety and frustration, especially at a time when our social and professional interactions rely so heavily on the need for an efficient, seamless flow of connectivity.

Vodafone customers in the UK have been experiencing connection issues as of late, which has been acknowledged by Vodafone – on social media platforms. The telecoms company received a high number of complaints from mobile customers who were unable to make or receive calls on their mobile device.

Vodafone users reported problems in locations across the country. The technical issue however did not disrupt use of mobile data, instant messaging and WhatsApp calls.

The disruption raised concerns for some who were trying to contact a grandparent and could not get through as their elderly relative is subscribed to the Vodafone network.

Many customers took to social media to ask why they could not make outgoing calls. Vodafone were prompt to respond back to customers, including a concerned user on Twitter. “We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with making outbound calls from their mobile, we have teams working to resolve this, sorry for any inconvenience.”

In the time of the covid-19 crisis, people have become ever-more dependent on phone and internet access – which has thus far, managed to hold up reasonably well despite networks being overwhelmed amid the lockdown.

The cause of the disruption? Vodafone explained that the problem had occurred after changes were made to their system to block telephone numbers used to make spam calls.

In May, it was reported that Virgin Media customers had also experienced problems with the internet in areas across the country. Many took to social media to complain about the disruption of internet and television packages.