Using the right tools to optimize virtual team performance

Optimize virtual team

Virtual team are common for many enterprises that produce their products or services in many different locations. Such teams require synchronicity and clear communication to ensure the seamless running of the organization.

There is often a misconception that technology-based companies are in most need of the utilization of tools to help keep-up the communication and alignment of colleagues dispersed all over the globe. Most enterprises today, are in need of such tools to enhance the functionality of their business model to ensure the process and delivery of tasks are done both efficiently and seamlessly.

Inside Telecom shares insights about tools that optimize virtual team performance.

Cultivating stronger team relationships through social networks 

It is essential for managers to create opportunities for online conversations. If done well, this can eventually cultivate stronger relationships between remote team members. Of course, not everyone will feel comfortable communicating and interacting this way, but if one can establish a system and increase familiarity with this channel of communication, it may strengthen the virtual team and your network.

Reiterating the company’s raison d’être

Often, people go about daily tasks at work, with little understanding about the bigger picture. Managers can help bridge the gap of understanding for individual employees by clarifying the ‘why’. This becomes more important for remote workers who are cut-off from the day-to-day routine of the company. Scheduled online engagement with remote staff offers an opportunity to help reinforce this. When goals and tasks are linked to the overall vision and purpose, your virtual team can better understand the purpose of what they are doing – providing greater incentive and motivation to perform better. In addition, this creates a stronger alignment between employees, stakeholders and customers.

Accessible technology matters to your virtual team

A strong collaboration is based on mutual intent and vision. Hosting dialogue with accessibile technology is an essential step for executives to build a strong culture with virtual teams. Easy-access technology allows everyone to implement resources and tools – without any remote member of your team feeling isolated or left out from the conversation. This will provide a rock-solid ecosystem infrastructure to ensure your virtual team are completely aligned on all levels, moving forward.

Encourage visual interaction with your virtual team

Building rapport and trust with your virtual team is only ever possible through frequent visual interaction. Introduce everyone via video conference to ensure full participation of team-members. Visual connection is vitally important, so schedule regular check-in meetings and provide progress updates to make them feel involved and integrated. Video conferences will enhance productivity due to the faster level of interpretation dialogue conveyed – made easier through body language and eye contact. This may accelerate the process of decision-making on important projects that require the undivided attention of all.