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They say dogs (and cats) are man’s best friend, and many of us would certainly agree. For those who enjoy fun outdoor activities with their furry companion, but worry about their safety and wellbeing, the new, V-Pet Tracker from V by Vodafone, makes it easier to keep track of your pet, even when they’re out of sight. So, if you’re like me and regularly misplace your kitten around the house, or if your dog hasn’t quite gotten the hang of ‘come back here’ when you’re in the woods, this is definitely for you. It also helps you keep track of their health and fitness – thanks to V-Pet’s advanced fitness tracking.

For a £49.50 in the upfront cost in the UK, the new V-Pet Tracker comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS tracker, meaning that if Fido doesn’t come bounding back when you expect him to, the app on your smartphone will tell you his whereabouts and which field he is chasing sheep in. Live tracking will provide you with an update on your pet’s location every three seconds. It also turns itself off after five minutes of not being used to avoid using the battery unnecessarily.

The tracker also screens your pet’s daily activity – from walking and running to sleeping and eating. The apps dashboard will give an overview of the calories burned, based on the animal and the breed. You can then use this data to plan their diet, making sure they’re as healthy and as happy as they possibly can be.

The V-Pet Tracker also comes with Safe Zone and Virtual Leash features, which provide instant alerts if your pet goes out of range. Thanks to geofencing, the app will also let you create a virtual fence around a specific area on a map so that if your pet goes further than that specified area, you’ll also receive an alert.

The V-Pet Tracker can also withstand whatever is thrown its way, from rough and tumble play to wild weather walks. Furthermore, it has up to ten days of battery life, a waterproof rating IP67 (which means it can be dropped into a body of water up to one metre deep for half an hour), and has an LED light that can be activated using the app. Come rain or shine, night or day, you can rest assured that the V-Pet Tracker has everything under control.

The V Pet Tracker is a new addition to a range of devices by Vodafone that are designed to help you keep track of the things that matter most to you – from your car, luggage and keys, to your home and other personal belongings.

V by Vodafone
Image Source: V by Vodafone