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Google and major European telecom operators have called on the European Commission to designate Apple's iMessage as a "core” app.

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In response to the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Vodafone Egypt is deploying mobile communication units and cell towers in Rafah.

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Vodafone plans to work with Amazon's Project Kuiper to extend the reach of its 4G and 5G telecoms networks in Europe and Africa.

Vodafone Three merger, Vodafone, Vodafone Three, UK, UK Telecom, UK telco

Vodafone Three merger means some of UK's telcos would decrease from 4 to 3, but would also create the biggest single mobile network.

European Telecoms’ Advertising Venture

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone’s plan to take on Big Tech with their own advertising joint venture is set to win unconditional EU antitrust approval, people familiar with the matter said. The joint venture marks the telecoms sector’s first attempt to take on Meta and Alphabet’S Google in the lucrative online advertising sector and […]

European joint venture

As technology experts and enthusiasts, you know something serious is going down in European Union (EU) when four of its telecom giants join hands to develop the advertising venture of a lifetime. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, France’s Orange, Spain’s Telefónica, and the UK’s Vodafone dominate the telecom industry in their respective countries. Deutsche Telekom, for example, […]

Traffic Surge

Traffic surge can benefit your business by bringing in more consumers, increasing revenue, and improving website engagement. However, if your website is unprepared, a traffic surge could overwhelm your web server and cause catastrophic downtime that would harm your reputation, competitiveness, and financial situation. Business over-providing capacity for traffic surges brought on by planned or […]


The “Conference of the Parties,” sometimes known as “COP,” is an annual gathering of the nations that have ratified the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol, or the Paris Agreement. Ministers, negotiators, and world leaders gather to collectively decide how to combat climate change and its effects. To add transparency and more comprehensive viewpoints to the process, […]