Vodafone Egypt Answers the Calls of Humanity

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In a critical move to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, Vodafone Egypt is deploying mobile communication units and cell towers in Rafah.

  • Planned communication towers will provide coverage for Vodafone Egypt SIM card holders, with six towers ready for deployment.

Vodafone Egypt, in collaboration with Egyptian authorities, plans to install mobile communication units and cell towers in Rafah, a city bordering the embattled Gaza Strip.

This would ensure that Palestinians in Gaza can maintain vital connectivity and continue documenting what is going on.

The war in the region has deteriorated into a severe humanitarian crisis. 2.3 million Palestinians are living under an all-encompassing blockade, depriving them of essential resources such as food, water, and fuel.

And now, to make matters worse for the thousands of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, communication networks have been severely disrupted. The Israeli authorities’ decision has hindered the dissemination of news and impeded rescue efforts. Timely information can make the difference between life and death.

As a result, Vodafone Egypt is deploying mobile communication units to the border between Egypt and Gaza. They will enhance internet and mobile phone networks, effectively providing a lifeline for the affected population.

Vodafone Egypt chairman Hany Mahmoud stated, “The International Telecommunication Union issued a decision in which it stressed the importance of the return of communications and the Internet to Gaza because this will save the victims and the injured.”

The planned communication towers will be strategically placed within 10 kilometers of the Egypt-Gaza border. So, it ensures coverage for anyone with a Vodafone Egypt SIM card within this radius. Currently, six communication towers are ready for deployment, pending the necessary licenses and administrative approvals.

Back before landlines and mobile phones, families didn’t know the statuses of their loved ones. Nowadays we live in a world that has been tailored for communications. Being able to reach out to the world has become an integral part of our existence, especially in times of war and conflict.

Being severed from the rest means that your calls for help go unanswered. Worst actually, they go unheard. Do you know what it feels like to call into the vast expense of the universe and get no answers except for the echo of your tired, exhausted, pained, hurt, and desperate voice?

We put a lot of stock in being connected through social media. Not to mention, disseminating information from one account to another until they have taken over cyberspace. But if we cannot connect, how can we tell our stories in the first place?

The last few days I’ve avoided social media like the plague. But I still got the updates on what’s going on in the region because people called and texted. They communicated.

We all have a right to be heard.

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