Vodafone launches cyber security service for critical infrastructure businesses

Vodafone launches cyber-security service for critical infrastructure businesses

Vodafone Cyber Enhanced is a new service for vital infrastructure industries such as utilities, transportation, finance and emergency services in the United Kingdom.

An explosion of devices like smart meters and wearables that are able to access networks has occurred due to the digital transformation. This is only set to expand, meaning the increased susceptibility to cyber-attacks.

In the United Kingdom alone, business reporting incidences of cyber-crime rose from 40% to 55% in 2019. Meanwhile there is an ever increasing skills gap in cyber security. 710 businesses in the UK have reported that they are missing vital skills like that of threat intelligence and forensic analysis.

Vodafone Cyber Enhances is a new service where customers are able to purchase the level of managed service they would like. This takes pressure off in-house teams and allows them to focus on preventative measures rather than reacting when there is an issue.

Vodafone Cyber Enhanced offers the following benefits:

Protective Monitoring: continual remote surveillance, analysis, alerting and reporting that enables threat detection and prevention across the customer’s full digital estate.

Managed Firewall: remote managing, monitoring and supporting new and existing firewalls to ensure optimal strength and resilience.

Managed Security Services: every organisation is unique in its infrastructure, personnel, and partner requirements. Managed Security Services ensures that each business gets the right type of support and fit for their business.

Anne Sheehan, Director, Vodafone Business UK, said: “Cyber-security is vital for all businesses, regardless of their industry. However, it’s especially important for those businesses that provide a service on which we all depend. Being a critical national infrastructure business ourselves, we understand the challenges our customers face and can use our expertise in cyber-security protection to assist them in preparing for, detecting, and managing potential cyber threats.”