Vodafone Qatar launches 5G mobile hotspot device

5G mobile hotspot

Vodafone Qatar has officially become the first operator in the region to launch their next generation Inseego 5G MiFi M2000, a 5G mobile hotspot that delivers breakthrough performance with features designed to provide the ultimate 5G experience for everyone.

“We’re proud to expand Inseego’s existing relationship with Vodafone Qatar, now with availability of our high-performance 5G MiFi M2000,” said Simon Rayne, Inseego’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director UK, EMEA, and Asia-Pac.

The 5G mobile hotspot was made possible by a combination of the latest mobile technologies with Wi-Fi 6, allowing users to stay connected via Vodafone’s world-class GigaNet 5G network. Priced at QR 1,699 ($477), the Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 is available now at all Vodafone Qatar stores and e-shop.

“With the introduction of our second-generation 5G solutions portfolio, Inseego has once again brought a quantum leap in real-world user experience to life through innovation in mobile device technology that brings out the best of the network,” Rayne added.

Paired with Vodafone’s Mobile Wi-Fi Unlimited 5G Plan, this newest mobile broadband solution enables users to take full advantage of GigaFast 5G Speeds, with secure connectivity for all their mobile devices, regardless of where they are.

“We are 100 percent 5G Ready and have a reliable GigaFast 5G network across the country, latest 5G devices and Unlimited 5G Plans,” Diego Camberos, Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Qatar, said in a statement.

Inseego 5G also supports new applications requiring the responsiveness and ultra-low latency that 5G technology enables, such as lightning-fast streaming, lag-free videoconferencing, cloud gaming, virtual reality (VR) and more for consumers, business professionals, and enterprises alike.

Earlier in September, Ooredoo Qatar’s Deputy Group CEO and CEO Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani told reporters that 5G mobile network coverage has reached “more than 90 percent of populated areas” in Qatar, with customers “enjoying up to 2.2Gbps” 5G data speeds.      

Ooredoo – which is Vodafone Qatar’s rival – launched their new 5G mobile internet device, the M5 Netgear, with Al Thani labelling it to be “one of the most advanced devices in mobile broadband service currently available.”

“In the coming period, our focus will be on continuing to grow, develop and expand in the field of digital transformation … and covering more areas in Qatar with a 5G network. We will seek to capture new digital opportunities and generate new revenue from digital business,” The CEO told the media.