AI Visual Search Tool to Reshape Marketing  

WeArisma, has launched an AI-powered visual search tool aiming at transforming the way brands identify influential partners. 

WeArisma, the media analytics company, has launched an AI-powered visual search tool aiming at transforming the way brands identify influential partners. 

This technology aims to improve search capabilities, encouraging creativity and efficiency within marketing strategies.  

By leveraging AI, WeArisma goes beyond traditional methods when it comes to keyword searches. This AI-powered visual tool conducts visual analysis for the content produced by influential references, determining elements, such as key items, characteristics, individuals, as well as texts within images. 

Why this AI Visual Search tool? 

This approach helps marketers encounter influencers who are celebrating significant life events. It also ensures diversity and inclusivity while locating influencers who might be successful in inter-brand partnerships. 

On a larger scale, Jenny Tsai, CEO and founder of WeArisma, emphasized the crucial role of integrating AI into marketing strategies. She pointed out that this enables marketers to collaborate with high-performing influential sources that might otherwise be missed. 

Tsai added that this is just the beginning, as the company is currently developing industry-first solutions to advance the field. The introduction of this AI-powered visual search tool significantly boosts marketing capabilities, enabling an unprecedented level of creativity and accuracy in developing strategies. 

Various Ways of Applications 

This AI-powered tool can be applied in various ways, allowing brands to discover a wider range of content and build relationships, enhancing audience engagement. It can also help brands and agencies in many ways, such as: 

  • Finding and partnering with influencers celebrating life events that align with brands and products:  Using this visual AI-powered search tool improves product marketing, by interactions and content performance, predicting trends, automating customization, improving visual content quality, and providing sentiment analysis for more effective and authentic connections 
  • Ensure influencer communities are diverse and inclusive: 

This visual search tool can also be used to ensure the diversity and inclusiveness of influencer communities, given its ability to process substantial amounts of data in order to make sure a variety of voices are heard and easy to find online. 

  • Deliver striking visual consistency across all social and influencer campaigns: The tool helps improve the consistency of visuals in social media campaigns by analyzing and comparing images and styles to fit the brand’s requirements. 
  • Identifying the Right Influencers for Successful Cross-Brand Collaborations: AI visual search tools help brands find the right influencers by analyzing social media content to match the brand’s style and products. They also study influencer audiences to ensure a good match, measure past success, and check alignment with the brand, improving campaign effectiveness. 

Final Thoughts 

Indeed, the AI-powered visual search tool represents a major step in streamlining the marketing process on different levels, but considering that AI tools are known to generate incorrect or missing information, will companies be able to fully rely on such tools? 

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