What We Know and Don’t Know About Italian Farms

Planet Farms, experienced a fire outbreak, from 5 till 6.30 AM, resulting in the complete collapse of the warehouse roof.

Planet Farms, an Italian startup in Cavenago Brianza, experienced a fire outbreak, from 5 till 6.30 AM, resulting in the complete collapse of the warehouse roof. Planet Farms is considered one of the largest farms in Europe.

Investigations took place immediately, with focus on the root cause of the fire. One of the probable causes is a malfunction in the air conditioning systems. When ignited, it spread the fires to the insulation panels. The fire’s intensity heightened and contributed to larger damage due to plastic materials on the roof.

Farm Tech

Planet Farms uses the technique of vertical farming – where crops are grown vertically. In addition to vertical farming, the start-up developed various technologies to crops without the use of pesticides and with the adoption of water saving, resulting in saving water consumption by around 97%, compared to other traditional agricultural approaches.

Augmented Reality and Farming  

Augmented Reality reduces carbon emissions which allows for an increase in sustainability. This will lead to, saving Mother Earth. Augmented reality aids in the reduction of carbon emissions in several ways. The public is aware that there is an increase in carbon, augmented reality would decrease carbon emissions allowing for agricultural productivity and enhance drought resistance.  It does not require physical presence which saves fuel and time. In this case, augmented reality aims to replace tangible farming goods with digital ones. The fact that less carbon emissions will be released in the open air this will allow in an increase in crop yields. It is known that than increase in carbon emissions changes the temperature may affect the types of produce that will be grown.

On the other hand, augmented reality in this case, Metaverse, aids in the acceleration of the economy and the value of financial creations by creating new experiences that would immerse.

The Government’s Role

Governmental Hand in Disrupting Traditional Farming, Digital Farming. The government wants to create a budget and improve farming for several reasons. The ideal example here would be the creation of digital twins.

In the case of digital twins, the government can still take control of everything happening when public transportation, buildings, gardens, and cities are molded. To top it all, this will fortify the presence of a digital replica of the outside world.  In this case, governments would still benefit from what some people can only see as controlled society. As it is now, we are on our way to becoming one, through taxes and other factors, where governments are using citizen’s means of living to further impose a different reality, induced by means of technological development.

This turning point of events clearly hints how dark the future might be in a couple of years from where we currently stand. When the world evolves at this pace, what would happen to humanity?

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