Wide-Field-of-View Glasses by Meta

A new video-recording face computer on our heads has arrived and is sold by Meta.

I came across this news … reading …and rereading …  then trying to digest the goal of it and questioning the importance of having such a device. They want us to record everything, absolutely everything while living our daily lives normally?! What kind of lives are they trying to make us live? In what sense does this make SENSE?

You’re going to get where I’m going and feel my frustration. Just wait till the end… Then you judge.

What can we do with Meta glass (holes)?  

They literally do have three holes in the middle of the white oval shaped space, like alien glasses. Maybe they’re trying to cast the space to the ground and allowing us to experience a new space-like adventure. But no. On the other hand, Meta is trying to build a step by step ‘acceptance journey of the Metaverse project’ in a very flowing way. Well, that is the smoothest way from Meta to gain its users’ trust blindly with all its products.

Meta is working on creating immersive and realistic experiences, making it more like a real place. On top of that, it is easy to use by developing user-friendly interfaces and providing clear instructions.

So, Meta glasses can be used to:

  1. Access information from the internet like the news and weather. You can also read books and articles like the one I’m writing here.
  2. Communicate with others by sharing photos and videos as well as through text messages, voice notes and video calls.
  3. Create new content, for all the content creators can use it for photos, videos, and even live virtual reality (VR) experiences.
  4. Controlling other devices, like drones and robots.

Based on what Meta is releasing on protecting user data and privacy by developing strong security measures and giving users control over their data.

But that’s what I read instead:

Meta is trying to collect data from our daily routines, the faces we meet, the locations we go to, what we eat, what’s our favorite movie, etc.

Haven’t they heard of what is called privacy concerns? Consent?

OH, and guess what it is hided in the pretext of “isn’t it more technically impressive that Meta’s new headset lets you cook a meal or sweep your floors or enjoy a fancy coffee on a beautiful day without ever taking off the machine?” – The Verge.

“That’s what the Quest 3’s full-color, low-latency passthrough video allows.”

Even in the bathroom?!

They don’t want us to even remove it for any activity, life event or under any circumstance! Do Meta want us to wear it even when we use the bathroom???!!!

I don’t think anyone is interested to know about my lifestyle and oppositely others don’t have interest in mine. Aren’t social media platforms making their duty in posting and sharing our social media accounts?

Is Meta’s glasses the new hole we are going to fall for in the name of the new virtual reality. Then try to control our entire lives the way they want, for instance what we’re witnessing nowadays with the freaking control algorithms on our feeds. They are prohibiting some news for their own good, in other words for the sake of some countries’ political benefits. Are they eye-tracking glasses? Or them tracking our lives?

The Meta glasses may be used for malicious purposes! What do you think about it? Would you buy it? And would you wear it all day long?