Your Medicine Delivered by Drone in Less Than an Hour

Amazon drone delivery: Your medication to your doorstep! Amazon drone delivery: Your medication to your doorstep!

Medications from up above to your doorstep by just 60 minutes MAX.

Amazon launched a drone delivery for medications in College Station, Texas, marking the first time a major retailer has offered drone delivery of medications in the U.S.

Utilizing a camera-equipped drone that surpasses the traditional delivery methods like FedEx in speed. This service is particularly beneficial for patients who URGENTLY need their medication. There are no traffic jams that will make them wait forever – it is especially advantageous for those with chronic illnesses. Customers don’t even need to get out of their homes, they can simply order online and then  say it 60 times, and voila, your medicine has arrived.

Affordable protective drone

Drone delivery presents a more affordable option for both patients and pharmacies, given they don’t need fuel or extensive maintenance. Amazon stated that these drones can fly between 40 meters and 120 meters in an airspace with “minimal obstacles.”

Once a safe space is identified, the drone releases the customer’s medication package. But, if it detects any obstructions, such as power lines or trees, it immediately returns to Amazon’s center and reschedules the delivery. It’s worth mentioning that customer privacy is maintained through the onboard cameras. But one might wonder, is it really? Is it safe in a manner that ensures the protection of the privacy of the customer when it becomes widely operated worldwide in the near future?

UK is climbing on board

UK is making a considerable move towards embracing drone delivery medications. There are plenty of contributions: Government funding, private sector investment and public support. A recent survey by YouGov found that 63% of UK adults support the use of drones to deliver medication.

Aramex leading the game

Aramex has completed test flights in Oman, bringing the idea of drones delivering products in collaboration with US-based drone technology company UVL Robotics.

In 2022, drone delivery test flights in Muscat, Oman were performed successfully by Aramex.  

In 2023, the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) launched a drone delivery service to deliver medical supplies to remote villages in Oman.

“Through the successful drone delivery testing with UVL Robotics, we have proven that these automated delivery modes will enable us to further enhance the speed, accessibility, and reliability of package deliveries, especially to remote areas with hard-to-reach terrain. In addition, the program will support our sustainability ambitions to significantly cut our greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2030,” says Alaa Saoudi, chief operating officer of express at Aramex.

Right now, it’s the only safe and peaceful kind of flying equipment that don’t try to kill civilians but often save lives.  

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