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Amazon drone delivery: Your medication to your doorstep!

Medications from up above to your doorstep by just 60 minutes MAX. Amazon launched a drone delivery for medications in College Station, Texas, marking the first time a major retailer has offered drone delivery of medications in the U.S. Utilizing a camera-equipped drone that surpasses the traditional delivery methods like FedEx in speed. This service […]

Sony designed a customizable access controller that is accessible to gamers with disabilities, taking the gaming community to a new stage.

Dark ships are faking locations to transport goods worth billions of dollars using Automatic Identification Systems around the world.

Is Meta depriving us of the little joys in life, I think it is with its AI generated avatars. Meta introduced characters on Wednesday.

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On the 18th of September, Samsung announced a trade-in offer with Apple smart watch for a Galaxy watch 6 for just 49$.

US Presidents

US Presidents are restricted in their use of personal technology, with security concerns requiring the Secret Service to be informed of any new advances.  ————  The President of the United States of America is one of the most powerful figures globally. You’d think the leader of one of the most powerful countries would have unlimited […]

Samsung announced it will assemble a $17bn semiconductor factory in Texas, during the global shortage of chips used in phones, cars, and other electronic devices. The factory will be the South Korean company’s biggest North American asset and is expected to commence operation in the second half of 2024.  Real Reasons?  There are commercial reasons, […]

In this digital age, telecommunication has become an integral part of our lives. People are constantly worried about their data privacy when they access a program or smartphone. Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone using technology, including telecommunication companies. Cybercriminals are developing new and sophisticated methods to breach data security and steal sensitive information as technology […]