The US President Can’t Access Much Tech 

US Presidents

US Presidents are restricted in their use of personal technology, with security concerns requiring the Secret Service to be informed of any new advances. 

  • Social media has been particularly problematic, with all major platforms banning President Trump after the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot. 
  • The safest option is to avoid using technology altogether, but even software poses a risk.  


The President of the United States of America is one of the most powerful figures globally. You’d think the leader of one of the most powerful countries would have unlimited access to whatever gadget he wanted, but the US president may be disappointed when it comes to consumer technology. 

Can’t Actually Use Tech Unmonitored 

The Secret Service must be informed of any new security concerns as technology advances. A more recent restriction has involved personal technology, specifically, President Obama’s Blackberry and President Trump’s Twitter accounts. Both Presidents were advised to discontinue, or at least significantly reduce, their use after taking office. In 2018, it was reported that the President cannot block people on social media because it violates the First Amendment.  

Social media is often thought of as a place where people can freely share ideas. But not when you’re the leader of the free world. Following the recent violence at the Capitol building in January 2021, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all banned President Trump, either indefinitely or for set periods of time. Check out what else has been prohibited in the White House.  

Small hint: technology plays a significant role. 

Smart Is Not Actually Safe 

The safest option is to avoid using any technological devices entirely, as both previous Presidents have demonstrated, but telling the commander-in-chief is a challenging task. According to his biographer Evan Osnos, President Biden also uses the Apple News app. 

This also could pose a security risk. 

In reality, software can be challenging to safeguard. On the software side, it’s a lot more challenging to maintain a good security system because nowadays, everything is updated from afar. You might feel completely safe right nowhen you buy a smart product. 

But then, a year from now, someone could come in and install malware into it. Destroying the security that you originally had. Everything has the potential to be exposed to vulnerability. It’s all connected considering anything can affect something at some point, on some level. That’s why this is so difficult, and why, even if it’s not practical, ditching the device is often the best security advice. 

Bottom Line 

It can seem a bit ironic that the person who has access to nuclear weapons cannot access mainstream tech. But it is the price one has to pay when one is knowing that, maybe now, it will easier for you to let go of your phone. Knowing that the US President must inform the Secret Service every time one needs to make a call. 

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