Bluesky: The Social Media Trojan Horse 

decentralized social media

Bluesky is shaking Twitter’s dominance. Who can create a platform that can be a direct threat to the Twitter throne? How about its co-founder, Jack Dorsey. The network looks similar to Twitter because its founders want Twitter users to quickly move to Bluesky. Does it have a chance to disrupt Twitter’s dominance using a decentralized social media approach? 

It Is Attracting Twitter Users, and It Is Significant 

The transfer of influential users is crucial, and it has previously resulted in significant changes in the decentralized social media landscape. Vine, for example, was shut down not because Twitter failed to effectively manage the platform (as is now widely assumed), but because its top creators sought more money from Twitter in order to continue sharing their material on the app. 

When Twitter declined, they turned to YouTube and Instagram instead, which ultimately led to the demise of Vine as their legions of admirers eventually stopped paying attention to the app. 

Could the same thing be happening to Twitter?  

Could Twitter be killed off by its own decentralized initiative, in which the business has invested millions of dollars? 

Privacy and Security, Decentralized Social Media 

Bluesky employs the decentralized social media infrastructure, which allows for secure and private use. The technology is open source, which means that anyone can construct their own social networking platform. By simply using Bluesky, users can easily move their accounts to other platforms that use the same protocol without losing data. 

Bluesky aims to foster transparency and free speech, which is one of Elon Musk’s ambitions for Twitter. However, the results are diverging from the intended goal. Bluesky has the potential to transform the social media world in ways that are not oly technical or abstract, based on the app’s direction and the way AT protocol is viewed as the fundamental innovation. 

A Decisive Factor 

Jack Dorsey has an ace up his sleeve with Bluesky.  

The platform has all the necessary elements to make a difference in the social media world. Yet, what is drawing many excited users towards Bluesky is something obvious – a respected figure who made Twitter great, before the eccentric Elon Musk took over. A calm and collected “away from the spotlight” leading figure – Jack Dorsey himself.