What’s Next Meta? Tea with Mark Zuckerberg?

What happened to going out and chasing celebrities on the streets in Hollywood? Is Meta depriving us of the little joys in life? I think it is, and it’s doing so with AI generated avatars.

Meta introduced characters on Wednesday which belong to a suite of products- these products are AI generated avatars. An example that was given was on WhatsApp of a conversation with Jane Austen, the 19th century British novelist who is mostly known for Pride & Prejudice. She was asked how she felt about Darcy.

In a matter of seconds, Ms. Austen replied with the following:

“Ah, Mr. Darcy. Everyone remembers him as one of my characters,” she said, as her face appeared in a small window above the chat.

One could be able to see her facial expressions and how she arched her eyebrow giving the other person a hint of resentment.

The former quarterback Tom Brady, the social media personalities Mr. Beast and Charlie D’Amelio, and the hip-hop singer Snoop Dogg were among the other real-life people whose likenesses were used to create the characters.

They will be available on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and virtual- and augmented-reality devices. The launch also includes picture editing capabilities for use on Instagram and a chatbot that will leverage Microsoft’s Bing search engine in part.

“Most people haven’t had the chance to experience” the latest and prominent AI technologies, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s chief executive, announced on Wednesday. “That’s a thing that I think we can change.”

With every ounce of care and worry for the people, Mark Zuckerberg stated that people are going to want to converse and interact with more than one super intelligent AI generated avatars.

Meta aims to keep up with OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and other businesses in the battle to develop AI that can generate text, photos, and other media on its own. Since November, when OpenAI unveiled the chatbot ChatGPT unexpectedly, Silicon Valley executives have adopted the technology as the next major leap in computing – and tried not to fall behind.

As for Meta, popular acceptance of its new AI generated avatars could vastly enhance engagement across its multiple apps, the majority of which are monetized by advertising. More time spent on Meta’s apps results in more advertisements being presented to its customers.

For years Meta has worked on AI behind the scenes. Compared to other big tech companies it was slow in introducing AI generated avatars. For Mark Zuckerberg to keep up with the introduction of new production like the one that was introduced on Wednesday, several meetings were held with the executive team in order to discuss progress.

Meta is using their trial-and-error method in order to reach a larger audience that would in fact reach a larger audience of users for their latest drop. They are trying to go from individual interactions like the ones with ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot to a feature on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp that have chatbots that are more conversational.

Umm Mark, do you want me to replace my friends with AI generated avatars of your creation?

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