World holds its breath for submersible 5

We’re collectively sitting on the edges of our seats for a miracle in the North Atlantic. And here at Inside Telecom we hope this is the one time we publish an article that’s out-of-date. The passengers on the missing submersible have been revealed. They are a Pakistani businessman and his son, an English businessman, a French explorer and the CEO of the submersible company itself.

According to a few media sources, it’s almost certainly mission impossible to successfully carry out the rescue. The depth, darkness and terrain sees to that. But in tribute to human resolve and resilience, this hasn’t stopped the massive search operation.

Oxygen is running out but the Canadians who form part of the search and rescue team have heard banging noises. In our mind’s eye, we can picture the passengers being equally resilient by not flagging in their determination to be located. I’d like to think that they’re taking it in turns to bang the inside of the submersible’s hull with a spanner. The metal on metal sound creates a distinguishable human signature on sonar.

This story is being covered extensively by global media. But as the world holds its breath for the submersible 5, we’d just like to add our voice in the hopes that technology and humanity combine to rescue the craft.

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