Your AI Selfies Are Coming Soon on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has unveiled a new AI feature that allows users to generate AI images of themselves, including AI selfies.

A few months ago, WhatsApp added a tool to the chatting application called Meta AI. This tool creates images based on text prompts provided by users and answers questions.

AI Selfies

As per WABetaInfo, the latest beta version of WhatsApp has a feature that enables users to create AI-generated images of themselves using their own selfies. It will also include a promotional card that will guide users and explain its capabilities.

The process is simple. All that users have to do is provide the messaging applications with a selfie. Then, the app will create a variety of this same image based on the prompts right within WhatsApp, with the use of the Meta AI Llama model. So, users just upload their photos once and ask Meta AI to do its job.

Professional AI images

To create their own AI photo, users are required to type “Imagine me…” on the Meta AI chat. This prompt can be also used on other chats. As for the images generated, including AI selfies, they are fun and can visualize users in different scenarios. For those who are in need of photos that look professional, this feature has your back.

Privacy Concerns Amid AI Advancements

However, the release of a feature that can produce AI selfies is raising concerns related to privacy, because it is not yet clear how Meta is considering addressing the issue of user data protection. To ensure that data is protected, the AI tool should make sure to respond to commands that are provided by users only.

On the other hand, this new tool by WhatsApp shows its commitment to further integrate AI into everyday applications with the aim to enhance user experience and streamline some of the daily tasks.

Final Thoughts

This feature is definitely a valuable addition for users, allowing them to create personalized AI images, including selfies, with ease. However, it also poses a potential threat to their privacy. Recently, Meta announced that it might use user information to train its AI bots without even asking for their prior consent. This not only raises concerns about the way the data is used and stored, but also shows that these images might be used malicious acts, such as deepfakes.

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