ZTE, China Telecom complete first NodeEngine pilot


Chinese tech company ZTE and China Telecom completed on Tuesday the industry’s first NodeEngine pilot, taking place on one of Yanghzhou’s commercial networks.

According to a joint statement, “Based on its existing network 5G & NodeEngine traffic offloading service,” ZTE – which is partially state-owned – has assisted China Telecom in rapidly deploying smart industrial park services.

The project saw both companies successfully transmitting video content over the operator’s wireless network, leveraging 5G large-bandwidth and guaranteed QoS network features. It is the first time that ZTE has co-deployed the NodeEngine traffic offloading service by virtue of the existing websites.

“For this project, ZTE stands out with its capability of commercial delivery of NodeEngine solution,” Tang Xue, Vice General Manager of RAN Product Line at ZTE, said in the statement.

The statement further highlighted that video streams can be forwarded to the park’s closest monitoring platform to satisfy the requirements of low-latency video backhaul in the park.

Deploying just one computing board in the existing network base station enables the local traffic offloading service to be fulfilled, effectively reducing the project deployment cost and shortening the deployment period.

With the help of the local traffic offloading and eBridge service for the inter-connection of park facilities, video files can be rapidly forwarded to the industrial park center platform. Meanwhile, the platform can access the cameras and other terminals to obtain the required on-site information in a timely fashion.

 “ZTE’s NodeEngine solution, featuring zero engineering delay, board-level deployment cost, plug-and-play support-ability and quick service commissioning, cuts the deployment cost of vertical industry applications, facilitates the development of vertical services, and accelerates digital transformation in the park,” Tang noted.