10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers You Should Follow

10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers you Should Follow

YouTube is an amazing place for learning. You get experts and hobbies who place hundreds of hours of research into the given topic and present it to you in layman’s terms. Few complexities cannot be overcome with a few YouTube videos, and that includes crypto, an intimidating subject for many, on which cryptocurrency YouTubers are happy to help you with.

If you are someone who wants to dismantle the intricate world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and other modern concepts, then there are 10 YouTubers who will be your digital mentors and your gatekeepers into the world of crypto.

Coin Bureau

Your primary information gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and forex is The Coin Bureau. Their team of analysts regularly examines brokers, exchanges, and coins. These can guide you through the sometimes confusing cryptocurrency markets. Their trading staff performs in-depth analyses of the FX and cryptocurrency markets. Since it is the mission of Coin Bureau to deliver high-quality information free from outside interference, no advertisements are displayed on their films.

BitBoy Crypto

One of the biggest channels in the cryptocurrency industry, BitBoy Crypto, keeps expanding thanks to its regular videos and CEO interviews. It’s a terrific site to acquire the most recent cryptocurrency news, project reviews, and trading guidance. Discover other cryptocurrencies, past Bitcoin cycles, and the most recent information on Ethereum. Join our group, which he calls the BitSquad.

Altcoin Daily

You may get daily films on news, market analysis, education, viewpoint, and opinion at Altcoin Daily. The brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold, evident Bitcoin Fundamentalists, who founded the channel, have employed alt coin trading to increase their Bitcoin holdings. They have developed a subscriber following of over 1.1M thanks to their daily coverage of the most recent developments in the cryptoverse and their sporadic interviews with notable members of the crypto community..

Sheldon Evans

A wonderful site to subscribe if you want to learn about bitcoin technology and money is Sheldon Evans channel. We find his refreshingly honest and open approach to content development. You can see what Sheldon is holding, how he operates, how he earns money, and which coins he thinks will be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world.

Morning Invest

For regular people outside the Wall Street crowd, Morning Invest is a progressive morning news program. This is a channel for those who are sick of hearing corporate media like CNBC speak down to them. We assist in making sense of the news items that are most significant to your family. Most likely, you’ll appreciate our daily program if you like Brian Tyler Cohen, Secular Talk, and Jimmy Dore.

Real Vision Finance

Actual Vision offers in-depth insight from real professionals so that you may comprehend the complicated worlds of business, finance, and the global economy. They started a cryptocurrency branch of the company in 2020, and since then they have invited some of the most knowledgeable macroeconomic investors and channel hosts. One of the prominent voices promoting the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by institutional investors is the company’s founder, Raoul Pal.

Ivan on Tech

This is one of the most well-liked cryptocurrency YouTube channels, with host Ivan Liljeqvist headquartered in Sweden. Ivan is a software developer and popular YouTuber who writes on broad issues in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. The 489K subscribers enjoy Ivan’s insights into political alterations and market-affecting developments in the cryptocurrency business, which are updated almost daily. Ivan also provides insightful interviews with some of the top brains in the cryptocurrency industry.

Benjamin Cowen

For individuals who wish to learn more about the market parameters driving the cryptocurrency industry, Into The Cryptoverse (presented by Ben Cowen) offers top-notch instruction. Many websites just use memes and catchy slogans to talk about cryptocurrency. Ben, an academic, tackles bitcoin from a practical standpoint and leverages his knowledge in physics, engineering, and programming to package these metrics in a form that is understandable for the community. He conducts his study with objectivity and provides you with facts to support your research on various currencies.

Andreas Antonopoulos

One of the names in the cryptosphere with the highest recognition is Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Longtime proponents of Bitcoin, Andreas’ channel has well over 300K followers and often treats viewers to keynotes and presentations in which she shares her thoughts on all facets of the market, from trends to tokens. He is regarded as one of the best technology instructors in the field and maintains a high degree of objectivity in his evaluation. Additionally, the channel has some fantastic discussions and debates with other entrepreneurs and trailblazers, most frequently focusing on Ethereum and Bitcoin.


The goal of YouTube personality and blockchain engineer Hashoshi is to break through the hype and offer accessible, free education about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and upcoming technologies. He thinks that by working together, we can expedite the adoption of technology and learn as we go. Hashoshi demonstrates a thorough technical grasp of the top blockchains and offers his unbiased comments on these innovative new technologies.