5 New CarPlay Features in iOS 18 

Apple is adding five new features to the software in cars, including accessibility ones for people with disabilities.

Apple is adding five new features to the software in cars, including accessibility ones for people with disabilities. 

The CarPlay feature was not under the spotlight during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but the company has unveiled some significant new updates to CarPlay to be integrated in the upcoming iOS 18, primarily limited to the Messages and Settings apps. 

CarPlay’s Latest Key Features 

The new features to be introduced in CarPlay in the upcoming iOS 18 update are the following: 

  • Contact Photos in Messages App 

This feature adds photos next to the names of the contacts, which makes it easier for users to identify their conversations immediately. The photos will also be displayed on message notifications within CarPlay. 

  • Silent Mode Settings 

The Settings app will have an option to automatically enable silent mode on the iPhone once it is connected to CarPlay, providing the user a calm driving experience, without the need to do it manually. 

  • Color Filters 

To enhance accessibility, Apple has added the Color Filters feature to CarPlay. This feature targets individuals with color blindness to help them identify colors on the CarPlay interface, offering options like grayscale and three other color filters. 

  • Voice Control 

The voice control feature is considered a major accessibility enhancement, as it allows users to operate CarPlay using Siri commands. Given that it also enables users to have control over the software without the need to use their hands, which improves safety and convenience while driving. 

  • Sound Recognition 

With iOS 18, the sound recognition feature can send users audio notifications related to driving, such as car horns and sirens. The sound recognition feature is particularly beneficial for drivers or even passengers who suffer from hearing problems. 

Next-Generation CarPlay Customization 

Apple also showcased images related to the next generation of CarPlay during the WWDC, including new Vehicle, Media, and Climate apps, offering a high level of customization.  

Automakers will now be able to design CarPlay in a way that matches their software in cars, with various design options and layouts. They will also be able to customize the display of notifications on the next-generation CarPlay. 

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