9 Edtech Jobs that Will Rise in Demand for Decades

Edtech Jobs

Edtech jobs have been on a rapid rise since the beginning of the pandemic and even before. People only realized how much they can learn simply from listening to a prerecorded course on Udemy or Coursera, or simply reading eBooks about any given topic, filling in the gaps in their knowledge with a couple of YouTube videos.

As a result, eLearning and edtech jobs and institutions are on a rapid rise and will continue to be in the coming decade(s). Amid the transformation of the education industry comes a slew of new roles that need filling where none were only a single decade ago.

In this article, we’ll look at nine edtech jobs that will rise in demand over the coming decades.

Rising Edtech Jobs and Their Roles:

As schools and educational establishments, and eLearning companies embrace the future of education, there will be many edtech jobs on the rise that are not immediately related to education.

There are numerous roles all working in the background to bring the best quality material for the curious and knowledge-hungry souls out there. Most likely, many more edtech jobs surrounding the new educational framework will become more in demand in the coming decades.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

They effectively have control over the information that will be covered in the online course. They are the links that guide us in choosing the appropriate material that appeals to the target audience. They act as the knowledge bases that instructional designers use to comprehend the material throughout the lifespan of an eLearning project.

Their direction is particularly more important when dealing with complex technological issues or issues peculiar to a certain business. It should be noted that certain projects might not have any SMEs at all, in which case the instructional designer might serve in that capacity.

Edtech Content Writers

Presenters in educational videos very often do not write their own content. The content is usually the result of a combined effort between a subject matter expert and a content writer to make the information digestible and coherent. Content writers will likely be among the most in-demand edtech jobs for the foreseeable future.

An employer could try to cut costs by finding a content writer who is a specialist in their field and proven record of excellence for a given niche topic to write a full curriculum, but accoupling a writer with an SME can often deliver the same result with less hassle. The writer is either hired as a full-timer, part-timer, per curriculum, or on commission with every course sale.

Edtech IT Specialists

No surprise that an industry almost fully based online will have a great need to maintain its online presence and keep things running optimally. Any bugs, breaks, or interruptions could affect your business negatively, so you will need some hands-on deck ready to fix the technical problems on the web. IT is already a great career path for anyone in today’s world, but as education goes online, edtech jobs will increasingly include people who can handle the backend.

Edtech Tutors

Sometimes students need a helping hand in understanding the lessons on the screen. As good as a course is, a student might have some questions that need answering or an idea that needs clarification or elaboration. A tutor might be the best counterpart to an eLearning on their remote learning journey.

Instructional Designers

They use their comprehensive understanding of instructional design concepts, learning theories, and learning styles to turn the material selected by the SME into a successful design for the eLearning that will be created. They also include the appropriate amount of interactivities, animations, quizzes, and other elements – all of which will contribute to the creation of more edtech jobs in the market – to further engage learners and ensure effective information transfer.

An instructional designer may be in charge of doing requirements analyses, finding relevant material, creating it, working with the development team, and overseeing the project’s successful completion in a smaller team or project.

eLearning Architect And Developers

They collaborate to make the concept a reality. They create a practical eLearning product from the blueprints given by instructional designers. To do this, they may either create the eLearning directly on the learning platform itself, or they can create it using eLearning authoring tools like Articulate 360, Articulate Rise, Lectora, Captivate, Camtasia, Adapt, etc., or they can create it using a variety of front-end web languages. The technical and artistic implementation of the learning asset is the responsibility of the development team.

Multimedia Designers

None can deny that in our digital-first world, a good User Experience (UX) design is essential for your edtech platforms’ success. Multimedia designers will be among the most in-demand edtech jobs in the foreseeable future, as they are needed in almost every step of the digital customer journey.

They use their abilities in graphic design to increase the engagement of this eLearning product. They develop an upgraded and aesthetically pleasing eLearning program using a number of graphic technologies to provide immersive and interactive visuals and motion graphics that accompany the material.

Voice Talents

By discussing the animations and enhancing the events with discussions, they provide a further layer of comprehension. Professional narration increases the overall engagement of a well-built eLearning lesson in addition to providing value for auditory learners.

Edtech Quality Assurance Specialists

The QA specialists check the eLearning for accessibility, content, relevant references, visuals, consistency, and clarity. Fewer review cycles and the delivery of a high-quality product to the client are guaranteed by a comprehensive evaluation.

Final Thoughts

The world of education is evolving to accommodate the new norm that we have grown used to during the global pandemic. People never stopped learning, whether alone in their room watching a Udemy video or attending virtual meetings and conferences.

The future of education technology looks bright, and the supply of edtech jobs will continue to rise alongside the demand.

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