AI Art Discredited by Tim Burton

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Tim Burton expressed his disapproval of AI-generated creations inspired by his distinctive artistic style, raising concerns about the impact of AI on creativity in the entertainment industry.

  • Burton described the AI-generated creations as a violation of his creative soul.
  • Burton’s sentiments echo broader concerns within the entertainment industry regarding the potential consequences of AI on employment opportunities.

On Saturday 9th, while speaking with The Independent on several aspects of the state of media right now, ranging from cancel culture to his Beetlejuice sequel, Tim Burton touched on AI art ‘inspired’ by his style, as seen in a viral BuzzFeed article.

Needless to say, he was not impressed. And who could blame him?

Tim Burton has a very… distinct art style. The “Burtonesque” style is very unique and easily recognizable, characterized by dark gothic imagery, quirky characters, and dreamlike (borderline nightmarish) atmosphere, among other things. You can see it in works like “Beetlejuice” and “Corpse Bride.”

During his interview, Burton likened the experience to a violation of his creative soul, saying, “I can’t describe the feeling it gives you. It reminded me of when other cultures say, ‘Don’t take my picture because it is taking away your soul.'”

To give credit where credit is due, Tim Burton acknowledged the AI-generated art‘s technical proficiency. Nevertheless, Burton also emphasized its effect on the artist, stating, “what it does is it sucks something from you. It takes something from your soul or psyche; that is very disturbing, especially if it has to do with you. It’s like a robot taking your humanity, your soul.”

And he’s not alone on that boat.

Tim Burton’s critique aligns with a broader debate surrounding AI-generated art and content and its potential impact on the entertainment industry. Hollywood actors and writers have been on strike since July, fearing that AI could drastically reduce employment opportunities in the future.

In July, actor Bryan Cranston criticized AI’s role in the film and television industries during an appearance at the SAG-AFTRA “Rock the City For a Fair Contract” rally in Times Square, New York, amid an ongoing strike by Hollywood actors. Cranston emphasized the importance of preserving actors’ jobs and dignity, firmly opposing the idea of replacing humans with robots in the creative process.

While some see AI as a powerful tool, others, like Tim Burton, view it as a threat to the very essence of artistic expression, leaving Hollywood to navigate a complex and evolving landscape where creativity meets technology. Here’s to hoping they do all living parties justice.

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