AI Assistance for Professionals: Job Security in the AI Age

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With the rise of AI, AI assistance for professionals is no longer up for debate. You need to learn how to use it and secure your job in the AI age.

  • AI cannot replace the workforce, but being tech-savvy is preferred in today’s job market.
  • It’s important to maintain professional integrity, fact-check information, and be aware of outdated news.
  • AI can help overcome writer’s block, provide guidance for creative tasks, and aid in translation.

AI is not the enemy the freaked-out public thinks it is. This technology cannot take over the workforce. In fact, it can’t even work unprompted; it needs a handler. Today, being tech-savvy is definitely preferable to being too rigid to keep up with the times. So, forgive my bluntness, it won’t replace you, but someone with AI assistance for professionals sure will.

Ground Rules

Our recommended ground rules revolve around one’s values, specifically, one’s professional integrity. At the end of the day, the work needs to be yours but there’s nothing wrong with getting an AI assistance for professionals.

  1. Delegation: Do not delegate your job to AI. You are still the creative force. Take whatever guidance ChatGPT gives you and create. Our writers create their content from scratch, even that “interview” with the AI.
  2. Fact checks: ChatGPT will sometimes give you false information. For my “Outdated Technology” article, I tested its knowledge on fax machines and it gave me the right protocol but the wrong details.

From One Creator to Another

While we encourage the use of AI in the workplace, we do not recommend full reliance. Understand what AI assistance for professionals can do for you and utilize it for your benefit.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a real pain sometimes. On occasions, I find myself to be staring at a blank page with the cursor annoyingly flashing at me.

Yes, I get it: approximately 75,000 words across three languages, and yet, not one sentence! But you can use the chatbot to help you get over it. It can give you a prompt, helping you get the creative juices flowing. And this goes beyond writing and into any field relying on imagination and creativity.


Certain creative tasks sometimes feel Herculean. You may be given a general prompt and have no idea where to start. Well, we recommend asking the chatbot for help and seeing where things go. Let it point you in a direction and go from there. When we are given a challenge in the form of a one-sentence prompt and full-on creative control, ideas become entangled in our heads so a little chat with the AI assistance for professionals goes a long way.


We all know that certain translation services translate word for word rather than considering the context. A great example of it is attempting to translate the French phrase for laughing uproaringly “se taper le cul par terre” and getting “kick you a** on the ground.” And on top of that, some services cannot translate a large amount of text at once. So, ChatGPt can provide you with a contextually faithful translation of documents quickly.


When you are under pressure to deliver, you may not have the patience or the capacity to read a long article in its entirety. Instead, you may want just the main points. ChatGPt can help with that one. My go-to command is ‘summarize in bullet points’ followed by the article link. However, it might get tricky if the article itself is behind a paywall.

Final Thoughts

Every time the tech world witnesses a groundbreaking development, everyone gets upset that it has made their jobs obsolete. But why freak out? Technology is here to make our jobs easier, right? So, learn how to take advantage of the new technology like AI assistance for professionals instead of demonizing it. Digital literacy in all forms is a coveted skill that companies are prioritizing in their hiring process.

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