WhatsApp to Introduce AI-Generated Profile Photo Feature 

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to create their own AI-generated profile photos.

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to create their own AI-generated profile photos, eliminating the need to upload them manually. 

According to reports from WABetaInfo, this feature, which was identified in the latest beta update for Android, aims to give users the opportunity to generate unique and personalized photos, reflecting their mood, interests, as well as their personalities more accurately than regular photos. 

With this untitled AI tool users will have the ability to create their profile pictures, describing the kind of image they’re looking for in texts prompts to AI tool. Then, it will generate a customized image based on the description provided. 

In parallel, in April 2024, Meta has integrated Meta AI into its platform, which indicates that the company is working on significant technological advancements related to profile picture customization. 

Speaking of privacy, WhatsApp beta has highlighted the privacy advantages of this new feature, stating that if users opt for this tool to create AI-generated images, they will no longer need to share their original photos, which will reduce the likelihood of the misuse of their images without authorization. 

In addition, the already WhatsApp existing feature, which restricts to take screenshots of profile photos, offers an extra layer of privacy protection. 

The instant messaging company mentioned that this new feature would be appealing to users who struggle to choose their appropriate photo. Instead of wasting time on searching for a photo or capturing one, they can simply generate a photo by a prompt to the AI. 

Potential Risks 

Despite WhatsApp’s feature focusing on users’ privacy by preventing screenshots of profile photos and giving them the ability to create on their own, AI-powered tool can still be exploited for luring acts. 

Individuals with malicious intentions can access these photos and create convincing fake profiles using AI-generated images, leading to the creation of fake identities, impersonation of trusted pictures, and enhanced manipulation planning. 

This will allow attackers to obtain, or replicate said images using other devices, exploiting them off-platform, especially with image generation AI models. 

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