911 on Androids, A Speedy Lifesaving Symphony

Android Personal Safety

Hello, can you hear me? I’m 25 years old, my blood type is A+, and I don’t have any allergies.

We’re coming for you ready and alerted of all your essential medical information, said first responders.

Google has released an Android Personal Safety feature that shares critical information such as age, blood type, weight, and allergies with 911 when someone calls for help.

Named ‘Personal Safety,’ this tool integrates with RapidSOS, a platform connecting over 15,000 emergency agencies. This ensures that essential health details are securely transmitted to first responders, aiding them in getting vital information about the caller’s health.

The health information is sent to emergency services nationwide before they physically arrive at the location, saving crucial time during emergencies or critical health situations. This feature is available on Android phones that have the Personal Safety application installed. It was released earlier this year and is limited to devices with the Personal Safety App, as stated by Google. Compatible devices include Google Pixel phones and some other models.

Quick and Immediate Response

The first to fight for our lives are those who must act swiftly and with great care, yet effectively, since time is of the essence in such situations.

“This information is available for use before the dispatch and before the responders arrive,” states Tenea Reddick, the 911 director of the Baltimore City Fire Department, in a press release.

No matter what…

There are concerns raised about the privacy implications of this feature. Some users are apprehensive about sharing such sensitive information, given the history of personal data leaks.

However, users have the freedom to opt in or out of sharing their medical information. It is noteworthy that the platform RapidSOS implements stringent security measures to protect users’ data.

You can’t save your life, Apple holders

Head to the emergency settings right away. Literally, go to the Emergency SOS in the settings on your device. This advice is, of course, for Android users. Activate the feature to potentially save your life.

For the first time, Apple doesn’t have precedence over Android in this regard. Good deeds are on the way… actually, saving lives is now the way forward.

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