Apple warns of slow supply demand chain

As the chip shortage crisis takes a new universal form, and while the world recovers from a crippling pandemic, Big Tech giant Apple seems to be suffering from collateral damage affecting its supply and demand chain for its iPhone 13 lineup.

As reported by Bloomberg, the news hub revealed that the iOS developer asked component manufacturers to hold back on production, as the demand of its profit magnet has lessened as the world welcomes the holiday season.

Bloomberg reported in October that the tech titan has minimized its iPhone lineup production by 10 million, reaching approximately 80 million units. This change, of course for Apple, is primarily driven by the crisis’ global overtake.

Apple had already placed its faith compensating for 2021’s drop in production next year, however, the company has informed its suppliers of the possibility of not being able to deliver orders.

In parallel, the tech titan has also publicized plans of cutting down on iPad production until the crisis reforms itself. However, some suppliers have withdrawn from their agreement with the company regarding the latest generation, as they grew impatient with the absence of retail stock.

While the iPhone parent suffers from what could be heavy repercussions from the global chip shortage, other companies from various industries have also been troubled by it.

For instance, automakers have faced immense difficulties reconfiguring their electric vehicles (EV), with many missing significant parts. The prolonged crisis has taken a different shift for these companies as it has forced them to consider production tactics to adapt.

While the Cupertino-based company could be suffering from the global chip shortage, experts believe it will maintain its rise in sales, with expectations to reach an augmentation of six 5 percent in 2021’s last quarter.