Artificial Intelligence Leads Discussions During World Government Summit in Dubai

AI is leading the agenda of the 2024 World Government Summit, held in Dubai from 12 to 14 February since it has a profound impact.

AI is leading the agenda of the 2024 World Government Summit, held in Dubai from 12 to 14 February, since it has a profound impact on various pivotal sectors and will bring structural transformations and major developments in communities’ lives, according to the German news agency(dpa).

According to the UAE News Agency (WAM), the World Summit of Governments hosts more than 100 individuals and leaders from AI companies. At its main panel sessions, the Summit hosts a large number of corporate owners, experts, intellectuals and key players influencing the development of the sector, putting them all at one table with leaders and government officials, to deliver extraordinary results that support Governments’ ability to keep abreast of developments in the sector and to keep them fully prepared to meet its challenges and capture its great opportunities.

The participants in this summit are looking for frameworks that are able to overcome the various challenges of this sector, through dialogue and partnership between different stakeholders and beneficiaries of the AI fields.

The Summit’s list of guests and participants in the event includes a selection of experts, CEOs and founders of major companies working in the field of artificial intelligence, advanced technology and smart applications, as well as top leaders in the use of technology in business from global companies and institutions that have been the first to integrate AI tools into their various sectors.

The World Government Summit holds the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Forum, which will serve as a focal point for enhancing international cooperation and multisectoral partnerships to drive responsible development in the application of artificial intelligence technology for the overall good of societies.

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