Douglas Mulvihill

Douglas Mulvihill is the UK marketing manager for Cloud communications software provider, Ringover. He has ten years of marketing experience for a range of fast-moving consumer goods brands. As the UK marketing manager, Douglas oversees Ringover’s marketing operations, which involves aiding the brands expansion in the UK, growing brand awareness and ultimately helping to drive global growth.

Could Your Business Handle a Four-Day Week?

The UK is Trialling Shorter Weeks — But Are You Ready? We’ve worked from home, we’ve worked hybrid — but could we work less? A four-day working week is the “next, logical and overdue step” in the transformation of the workplace, according to director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, Joe Ryle. The standard working […]

Is Cloud Calling the Answer to Teacher’s Stress?

67 percent of teachers are under unprecedented pressure — how can tech help? The pandemic has made educator’s jobs even more challenging — according to the Times Educational Supplement Staff Wellbeing Survey, 67 percent of teachers had an unmanageable workload in 2021, compared to just 22 percent in 2020. To prevent work from spilling over […]

Why Hybrid Doesn’t Have to Mean Hassle

Interruptions are the biggest concern around hybrid for 67 per cent of virtual participants Large scale in-person events are back with a bang, with hundreds of thousands of people gathering in-person for conferences, summits and tradeshows across the world. But is ‘in-person’ always necessary?  Here, Douglas Mulvihill, UK & Ireland marketing manager at cloud phone […]

The 19th century called, it wants its phone system back

The future of telephony lies in VoIP Recent Ofcom data found that if business landline numbers continue to drop at their current rate, they will be all but extinct within just six years. But would this be a bad thing? The landline has enabled connectivity from 1876, so is it time for an upgrade? Here, […]

The Office: A remote working special

The Office has been off air since 2013, but we can’t help but wonder how Dunder Mifflin employees would navigate present-day life. Would Michael spend more time switching up his Teams background, than managing his actual team? Would Angela turn up in a hazmat suit? And how would one of television’s most dysfunctional work families […]