Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sergey Matsnev
Product Owner -
Head of one of the department specialized in voicemail-based products. Sergey has a huge experience as a Product Owner and has worked in one of the biggest Russian operator - Beeline where he launched lots of new innovative products. Currently, Sergey is responsible for creating new voice products for MNO in Sifox. Sergey has launched Voice Mail System product which was installed in operators in Russia and Africa, invented AntiSPAM platform which was developed and installed into Russian MNOs; built 3 new operator's products based on AntiSPAM platform; improved Voice Mail User experience through new interfaces which increased the number of users twice. Simultaneously, Sergey works as a Dean of Project Management Faculty at online University focused on IT specialties with 5 million audience and trains about 50 students per month online about product and project management.

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