Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey has many years of expertise in the digital transformation of international companies and the development of their business and IT visions. As Chief Strategy Officer at AOE, he is responsible for business development and customer consulting in the area of digitalization and omnichannel e-commerce strategies. One focus here is the development of B2X transaction portals and mobile solutions that enable companies to map new business models and generate sustainable revenue streams. The clients he supports cover the entire range of industries - from wholesale and retail to telco, aviation, automotive, industry, and life science. In addition, the native Briton looks back on more than 20 years of experience in international brand communications and has won numerous corporate design awards. Bailey is also responsible for the idea and concept of the recently published Telco Trendbook "In 4 Steps Towards Composable Business”

What’s Next? Tech Trends 2023+ in the Telecommunications Industry

From one crisis to the next: The pandemic, war in Ukraine, exploding energy prices, inflation, interrupted supply chains, and the constant threat of climate change. The telecommunications industry still looks robust, although the continued outlook for the economic situation in 2023 is uncertain. What will happen next? How, as a telecommunications provider, can I improve […]

Composable Enterprise: Not Just a Question of Technology for Telcos

Although it is frequently considered just a technical and infrastructure initiative, transforming it into a composable enterprise affects the entire company. People need to remember how important the human factor is for the success of such digitalization initiatives. Only if employees actively support and use the new technologies can they fully exploit their advantages. Ensuring […]

How CSPs Can Get the Most from Their Data

Improving customer experience, developing sensible new products, and increasing customer loyalty – these are the important goals for telecommunication providers, and they have one thing in common: Essential prerequisites for achieving them are data and data analysis. Data forms the basis for a better understanding of customers, their behavior, and their current and future needs. […]

Dealing with Constant Change in the Telco Market

Forward Thinking as a Business Strategy for CSPs A saturated market containing highly similar offerings from different providers doesn’t make it easy right now for telecommunications providers to set themselves apart from their rivals through their services and gain a competitive edge. It is clear, however, that even if they used to be pioneers in […]

Innovation & Security: Here’s How CSPs Can Successfully Implement New Functions Despite Old Systems and Ongoing Operation

The telco industry is developing rapidly. For example, key topics that the TM Forum has identified and discussed for 2022 are end-to-end orchestrated flows for 5G; MEC and mobile private networks; and the telecommunications provider as platform operator. Even this excerpt from the list of current trend topics makes it clear that technology plays a […]

Flywheel: How CSPs Can Succeed with a Holistic Digital Strategy

5G, bundling offers, personalization – CSPs have to keep developing constantly in order to achieve long-term success. But how can they succeed in keeping an eye on the overall goal with so much innovation and change in completely divergent areas of digital marketing and sales? Or perhaps the question should be “How can they even […]

Long live the User: How CSPs Optimize their Target Group Addressing

“The customer is king” – this claim is anything but new in the telco industry, but now it is fortified by the amendment of the telecommunications act (TKG). In force since December 1, 2021, the update of the TKG especially grants customers additional rights with regard to termination periods, reimbursements, and transparency. Meanwhile, a new paradigm can […]

The New Role of the Telco CIO as a Driver of Composable Business

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed weak points in telcos that have not been (sufficiently) addressed for many years now. Today, telco customers expect providers to offer digital service on the same level to which they have become accustomed from other services and platforms in everyday experience. This is another wake-up call to speed up the […]