Yehia El Amine

Yehia is an investigative journalist and editor with extensive experience in the news industry as well as digital content creation across the board. He strives to bring the human element to his writing.

Q&A: Radian Arc CEO taps cloud gaming to become the champion of the 5G era

As the world grows ever more digitalized, infrastructure has been thrust into the limelight; and with the relative emergence of 5G, smart city development, and cloud gaming around the world, the need for Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) companies continues to exponentially grow. According to a recent report by ResearchandMarkets, the IaaS market is expected to reach $74.63 […]

As Big Tech’s old guard bows out, a new age of conglomerates is born

When looking at any timeline’s history, you will find a turning point along its development; either it propels the timeline into the next frontier or brings it to a screeching halt. Modern technology’s explosion into the data age was set in 2007. A year that set the tone for generations to come, birthing giants, affecting […]

Cisco VP highlights need for inclusivity when entering the 4IR

As the global health crisis slowly subsides, one cannot ignore the fact that the pandemic forced a brave new world onto all of us. Pandemic-infused conundrums have evolved from mere debates between both people and companies, are now being actionably championed by those looking to thrive within the fourth industrial revolution. The future of work, […]

GITEX Tech Week, Day 1: Innovation at the Helm

GITEX Tech Week Day 1

The inaugural day of GITEX Tech Week was filled with childlike excitement for almost all attendees. Your sense of scent is the first to be triggered when stepping into the halls of the event. Imagine the satisfactory smell of newly opened technology, a brand-new smartphone, laptop, or tablet, then multiply that times a million; truly […]

Gitex 2021

Gitex 2021

GITEX Technology week has always been known as one of the world’s greatest and influential tech shows of the year; a home for experts in the world of technology to convene, meet, network, and engage in a plethora of thought-provoking panel discussions and speeches discussing the innovations of today and tomorrow. Over the course of […]

Cloud & 5G to allow for 765 million teleconsultations globally by 2025

Many tech enthusiasts consider that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world at just the right time, describing it as the spark that ignited a tidal wave of disruptive technological innovations.   Rollout of services and products were accelerated at a skyrocketing pace trickling down to a myriad of other solutions that would have taken years to hit the […]

Xiaomi to raise $1.2 billion in debt issuance, as China’s tech purge continues

Chinese budget smartphone maker Xiaomi is set to raise around $1.2 billion from debt issuance, with $800 million worth of bonds due for payment in 2031 with a coupon of 2.87 percent per year, a regulatory filing said.   The move comes at a tricky time as other Chinese tech companies have seen themselves pitted in a government crack down led […]

Telenor sells off Myanmar operations to Lebanese investment firm

Facing extreme pressure from Myanmar’s Junta, Norwegian operator Telenor has sold it’s operations within the country to Lebanese investment firm M1 Group for $105 million, the company said in a statement on Thursday.   “Telenor Group has entered into an agreement to sell 100 percent of its mobile operations in Myanmar to M1 Group for a total consideration of $105 million, of which $55 […]

The subtle rise of a China, U.S. tech cold war

tech cold war

Stakes have been mounting between two of the world’s major superpowers; however, the matter has shied away from ideologies and nuclear weapons and has moved matters into a realm etched into the very fabric of our everyday life: technology. Noticeably everything sharply ignited by former U.S. president Donald Trump’s blacklisting of Chinese tech titan Huawei […]

Telenor weighs Myanmar exit as conditions worsen

Norwegian telecoms provider Telenor is currently assessing a possibility to exit the Myanmar market, citing the worsening economic and business environment outlook and a deteriorating security and human rights situation, with limited prospects of improvement, the company said in a statement late last week. This statement was echoed by news reported by Reuters, who quoted […]