GITEX Tech Week, Day 1: Innovation at the Helm

GITEX Tech Week Day 1

The inaugural day of GITEX Tech Week was filled with childlike excitement for almost all attendees.

Your sense of scent is the first to be triggered when stepping into the halls of the event. Imagine the satisfactory smell of newly opened technology, a brand-new smartphone, laptop, or tablet, then multiply that times a million; truly a tech geek’s dream.

Traversing through thousands of eye-catching designed booths and stands within the conference, embodied the sense of innovation that GITEX has to offer. There lie many of the most disruptive companies and individuals that shape our lives, from flying race cars to EV water dispensers.

Panel discussions were sounding around every corner of the conference, with the world’s brightest tech workforce, influencers, and gurus spitting out words of transformation that will most likely shape the way we lead our lives in the next decade. Listening a bit closer would unveil a flurry of side conversations between professionals sharing ideas, networking, or building partnerships leading to new disruptive solutions.

In those moments, others would be seeking a less serious experience, allowing them to kick back, enjoy the music, and the wonders as telecoms and technology tease the world in a fête like manner.

It is impossible to admire all the technology featured at the event in a single day, with innovations and inventions attracting even the most niche of admirers.

There is truly something for everyone at GITEX, no matter what your interest is.

Food courts bustling with attendees, people catching a quick cup of coffee and bite to eat, caffeinated journos finding quiet corners to write their stories, social media teams setting up shop at an adjunct bistro to fill the event’s hashtag with content. Creativity overtook all senses when walking through the halls of Dubai’s World Trade Center.

In parallel, competition between rival companies took center stage and manifested diverse booth designs. Holograms, robot hosts, 5G-powered security cars, digital gardens, mini EVs, and many, many more were found on the exhibition floor, creating a “wow” factor that keeps your jaw-dropping the more you roam in your tech journey.

Tech titan Huawei boasted one of the largest booths at GITEX, fragmenting them into almost a hundred small stands representing their wide range of offerings, from smart city infrastructure to consumer electronics, and each more interesting than the next.

But even the little ones had a heavy impression on many, with startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs hooking you in with every tech iteration imaginable.

With the closing of the first day, one thing seems more apparent than the other: there is more to be uncovered. Luckily, the event is called GITEX Tech Week, and it’s only getting started.