Back to the Future: DeLorean’s Gull-Winged Alpha 5EV Revival


The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) announced, almost a year ago, in early 2021, hopeful news for Back to the Future fans. The Texas-based company which owns the copyrights to the DeLorean name teased its fans about the potential of releasing a new electric vehicle (EV) stamped with the same name as the Back to the Future trilogy. Now the news has been confirmed, the EV that will hold sentimental value to the trilogy’s fans is coming to the market sooner than later in 2024, according to the DMC company. DeLorean’s gull-winged Alpha 5EV revival will no longer be a concept but an actuality that will buzz the internet about the possibility of finally owning a fully electric DeLorean car.

Is the DeLorean Company Coming Back with Alpha 5EV?

While the foundational DMC closed a long time ago, that does not necessarily mean that the DeLorean company wasn’t coming back. At the moment, there is indeed a DeLorean company, just not the original one but is not associated with the original DeLorean car featured in the famous trilogy.

In 1995, Stephen Wynne, a former British engineer, obtained the right for the famous name. Now, the exclusively acquired name has finally announced plans to electrify the old design with a new fully electric DMC engine.

Is DMC Making a New DeLorean?

The tweeted tease from the newly acquired DMC gave fans a sneak peek of what the EV might look like, but that was just it. A tease. While we may not know many details about the car, we do know that it will be released to the market sometime in 2024 and will be called the DeLorean Evolved.

DMC will exclusively manufacture the luxury sports car with an electric powertrain. A move, initiating a modernized and eco-friendly comeback of the DeLorean name to the market with a new EV. The refurbished concept of the DeLorean car will maintain some features from the old design in respect to the car’s original DMC-12 form with the gull-winged doors but will not have a stainless-steel body like the old design.

As for the outside body model, the car will maintain the form of the original vehicle. The new design will pay tribute to the original one and stay true to it, with the front form resembling the back in respect to its symmetricity. 

DeLorean’s gull-winged alpha 5EV revival will not be a hyper vehicle, nor will it be a 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds car. Au contrary to modern electric vehicles, the car’s electric revival will not be fully automated – meaning it will not resemble a computer on wheels – but will maintain the human element of the driving experience.

DeLorean’s gull-winged alpha 5EV revival is set to compete with the Porsche Taycan and AMG GT, with the pricing factor distinguished based on regional distribution.

The throwback to the future car’s look was developed in partnership with Italdesign to rebirth the design of the original DeLorean, with a tickle of resemblance to its ancestor in its louvered gear windows and the winged doors. This, however, does not mean that DeLorean’s gull-winged alpha 5EV revival does not have any exclusive features of its own to present the modernized interpretation of the old design.

The refurbished EV will feature four seats and a pair of big screens – one in the front of the steering wheel and another placed in the center console. The specs include an estimated 300 miles, with a top speed of 155 miles per hour.

So how much will the new DeLorean cost?

The new EV is expected to be released to the market at $175,000 and is expected to reach a speed of 88 miles per hour in 4.35 seconds – or, as some of the Back to the Future movie fanatics might consider, the speed needed to achieve time traveling.

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