Green Tech

Analysis-Bumper Green Aluminium Output Is Good News for Carmakers, and Climate

Aluminium makers are set to boost low-carbon metal output by 10 percent in 2023 and churn out even more in the years ahead, driving down the cost for carmakers seeking climate-friendly supplies and shrinking the industry’s hefty carbon footprint. Aluminium is the most energy-intensive metal to produce, accounting for about 1.1 billion tonnes of global […]

Are Hydrogen Power Generators the Future?

In addition to battery power and renewable fuels, hydrogen has the potential to be a paradigm-shifting technology that will be crucial in developing the carbon-neutral civilizations of the future. A kind of energy called hydrogen has characteristics that can lower the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions. While biofuels, battery-electric vehicles, and machines may already […]

Green Earth Technologies and Their Economic Impact

Green earth technologies have been around for the past two decades. The journey towards a greener and safer tomorrow has begun way before the recent traction. Recent global events have added even more urgency to the matter. In 2019 the volume of investment in green tech capped at almost 9 billion dollars. By 2027 it […]

Disruptive Innovation in the Energy Sector

Disruptive technologies emerged in the energy sectors, rapidly changing the global energy landscape. A technology that creates new business models disrupting the traditional one is referred to as a disruptive technology, as per Clayton Christensen, the man behind the naming. Such disruptive innovation in the energy sector can spark a revolution in technological capabilities, digital […]

Environmental Technologies in Saudi Arabia's Future Vision

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is an economic giant with ample visions and projects. The Kingdom is well known for its massive oil output, but Saudi Arabia has way more to offer. In the future, Saudi Arabia seems to diversify its economic projects and catapult its greener approach. With various visions and initiatives, the […]

What Are the Best Green Phones in 2022? 

The fastest-growing waste stream in America, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is electronic garbage, yet only a small portion of it is collected. As a result, the global production of e-waste may reach 50 million metric tons per year. Sustainably manufactured green phone have, as a result, risen in popularity. When you purchase […]

Dubai's Sustainable City: All you Need to Know

Environmental sustainability is the modern era’s dragon, and Dubai’s sustainable city is the country’s latest attempt at slaying it. Sustainable urban planning is still receiving attention as a result of worries about climate change, renewable energy, clean air, and water. The Sustainable City Dubai is another eco-friendly project added to Dubai in response to climate […]

India's Top Carmaker Hopes Govt Will Support 'Green' Tech Beyond EVs

India’s top-selling carmaker, Maruti Suzuki, believes the government will show support for “green” car technology beyond full electric vehicles (EVs), such as hybrid, if it benefited the country, the company’s chief executive said. The comments come after Maruti unveiled its first strong hybrid car in India, the Grand Vitara sport-utility vehicle (SUV), seen as key […]

Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations to Alleviate Range Anxiety

Could solar-powered EV charging stations be able to supply electric vehicles with the energy they need? They may very well be. That appears to be the main finding of a study carried out by a group of scientists from Oregon State University. Casey L. Steadman and Chad W. Higgins, the researchers, looked at the viability […]

Back to the Future: DeLorean’s Gull-Winged Alpha 5EV Revival

The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) announced, almost a year ago, in early 2021, hopeful news for Back to the Future fans. The Texas-based company which owns the copyrights to the DeLorean name teased its fans about the potential of releasing a new electric vehicle (EV) stamped with the same name as the Back to the […]