Big Data Analytics and Mobile Advertising – It’s not all about the digital

Mobile Advertising and Data Analytics

I’m sure many of us can agree that digital advertising can be both interruptive and invasive. In addition, it can be perceived as one-directional advertising that does not allow for user engagement.

Many media companies consider mobile advertising outdated and ineffective – but why is it still being used? Mobile advertising could be seen as a more personal approach that directly targets the user. In addition to this, the customer would more than likely have come in to contact with the brand before, hence the contact and their specific need for a service they have already used.  

How has advertising changed?

Data is the main game-changer between old and more modern forms of advertising. There is more liability in advertising today, and we are witnessing how mobile and desktop advertising budgets are taking over that of television ads.

In fact, even within the digital advertising ecosystem itself, mobile advertising is still more widespread than other forms. Squeezed into a small screen, a mobile ad is more visible to the user and thus achieves more conversions than a desktop ad! This makes mobile a rewarding area for marketers to look into.

We are Data at heart!

In today’s algorithmic world, each one of us has a digital footprint recording our digital behavior that tell a lot about who we are as individuals. This digital footprint allows marketers to better understand their audience and run what is known in the industry as ‘targeted advertising’.

However, for such data to be valuable, it needs to be gathered and stored wisely, managed and analyzed efficiently, and deciphered to meet the marketing goals. Otherwise this data won’t add up to anything worthwhile. This is where Data Analytics comes into play!

A powerful data analytics tool helps a business break down its audience into different segments. An ad delivered to the right person is more likely to convert into a purchase, which makes marketing companies happy spending their ad dollars in the right place. Let’s call it quality over quantity.  

Can mobile operators be part of this billion-dollar mobile advertising market?

With mobile operators having the richest customer data pools than any other business, one of the greatest benefits of using a data analytics platform is the optimal exposure, where advertisers can be confident that every ad is reaching the right audience. Another important benefit is customer satisfaction, where advertisers can provide their target audience with something they really like and can engage with.

Is ‘Big Data’ the new oil?

For any type of business, mobile advertising combined with big data analytics is now the pivot of any digital strategy. Data science allows a business to discover audience insight and put into an automated decision making engine to build personalized ad campaigns. This real-time approach supports mobile advertising economics to grow a lot and offer a lot more opportunities for marketing companies/departments to sell.