Mobile Advertising

Here's What Twitter Lost in Advertising Revenue in Final Months of 2022

Top advertisers on Twitter slashed their spending after Elon Musk’s takeover, according to estimates compiled for Reuters by research firm Pathmatics, in the latest shock to the company’s dominant revenue source. Fourteen of the top 30 advertisers on Twitter stopped all advertising on the platform after Musk took charge on October 27, according to the […]

The Future of Telcos in Advertising

In the age of information and the attention economy, the advertising industry is experiencing major changes. The Meta (Facebook) share drop might mark the beginning of great change coming to the advertising industry, and telecom companies might be at the center of it all. The pursuit of digital advertising by telcos is not a new […]

The Necessity of a Mobile-First Strategy

We have come to rely on our smartphones for our relationships, finances, health, and welfare, as well as the way we interact, learn, and conduct business. The modern digital world is mobile first. In today’s techy landscape, customers value flexibility and seamlessness in all their daily activities. This is why every company should consider a […]

The Xiaomi Scale Up, Samsung Is Losing the Battle

Xiaomi has taken the smartphone world by storm. With an attractive line-up of cheap but jampacked with-specs phones. They seem like they will dethrone the big players, and maybe they already did. Samsung is facing its most brutal battle yet, and its scariest rival. Xiaomi is not here to participate in the mobile phone fight. […]