Brazil gears up for potential cyber-threats

Potential cyber-threats

Over the years, cybersecurity has increasingly become a major issue. Rightfully so, as multiple organizations have been compromised by cyberattacks within a matter of seconds, placing sensitive information in the hands of opportunistic tech criminals. 

However, Brazil isn’t taking any risk, as the country is prioritizing cybersecurity by creating a cyberattack response network, with the goal of encouraging fast action toward cyberattacks. 

The Federal Cyber Incident Management Network will embody the Institutional Security Office of the presidency, and will act as an entity under the federal government administration, according to a presidential decree signed on July 16. 

The network will also welcome public companies, mixed capital companies, and their subsidiaries to join the establishment on a voluntary basis. 

The formation of the cyber network will be supported by the Digital Government Secretariat (DGS). The DGS highlighted in the decree that the newly found cybersecurity network will aim at preventing potential cyber-threats, as well as provide speedy solutions to vulnerabilities being exploited.  

Although joining the network is not compulsory, DGS has hinted that public companies such as Dataprev, the government’s social security technology and information company, and Serpro, the federal data processing service, are expected to team up on this initiative. 

“Fostering cybersecurity at a national level needs to be accompanied by the promotion of a cybersecurity culture, encouraging an attitude shift among business leaders, away from cybersecurity as an information technology-related problem, to a more holistic outlook that values the role of cybersecurity in improving overall business efficiency and performance,” DGS stated within the presidential decree. 

Earlier in June, Brazil’s advancement in the latest Global Cyber Security Index by the United Nations is evident in its recent ranking.  

The country ranked 70th in 2018 on the list of countries with the highest cyber-security. Almost four years later, Brazil currently sits in 18th

The country has shown some of the best results when it comes to cybersecurity. Digital government, and management secretary Caio Mario Paes de Andrade stated that Brazil’s cyber’s development isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

“The creation of the network will help the Brazilian federal government to further strengthen its role in confronting potential cyber-threats,” noted Andrade. 

According to Cyber Security Ventures, Cybercrime damages are estimated to exceed a staggering $6 trillion by 2021, as data is the building block for most economies around the globe.  

Cyber threats do not only harm businesses and governmental organizations, but they also target almost anything with a heartbeat or an electronic pulse.  

Warren Buffet, American business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist has previously warned countries that cyberattacks are the number one problem with mankind, describing it as a bigger threat to humanity, with nuclear weapons coming in second. 

However, as Brazil jumps on the cyber-security bandwagon, citizens of the country can rest assured as the country is in the process of building an infrastructure to protect itself and its big data from potentially being harmed.  

After all, you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.