Archiving Your ChatGPT Chatbox Doesn’t Mean it’s in a Secure Place 

ChatGPT Archive

OpenAI’s ChatGPT introduced their new Archive feature, allowing users to tidy up their chatboxes by archiving their conversations without deleting them, akin to messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Head to the Three Dots 

The new Archive feature manages the user’s conversation history, giving them greater control over their interactions by choosing which conversations to keep and which to archive. It aids in overseeing your digital footprint and privacy. Additionally, it improves the organization of archived conversations, making them easily accessible and searchable. This eases the process of looking for specific information or revisiting past discussions. 

For you as a user, or as an employee, or as a CEO for your business. You can now activate the Archive feature, by simply heading to the three dots of a chosen chatbox on your own and press “Archive chat”.   

OpenAI shared the update on X, stating: 

Till now, everything seems to be interesting and on the right path. 

Developers Hopping into the Benefits 

Wait until you learn that the company’s developers will gain insights into how users interact with ChatGPT, and which prompts are most commonly used. This will help them enhance the training data and the model’s functionalities. Additionally, developers can monitor archival data using a tracking feature. It tracks users’ interactions with the new features to assess their efficiency, thus informing decisions for future development. 

Okay now, how on Earth can we trust OpenAI and its privacy policies

Is Privacy a Lie? 

If the developers can access the archival data of our chatboxes, then where does the privacy that they speak about since ages lie? Is it all a big fat lie?  

If I prompted ChatGPT to write me an email I want to send to my manager, which naturally, includes confidential information. Then, I decided to archive it, thinking it was in a safe place. But developers can actually read it and collect data from it. Even if it was for a good cause, what proof can the company, OpenAI, offer me to trust ChatGPT? Do you believe in big tech companies after all that’s happening? Or, more specifically, do you believe in the ‘trusting’ and ‘protecting’ notion they are trying to sell? 

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