Claude AI Knocks GPT 4 Out of First Place in Chatbot Arena

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According to the Chatbot Arena Leaderboard, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus has dethroned OpenAI’s GPT-4 as the top LLM.

  • Chatbot Arena, overseen by LMSYS ORG, offers an interactive platform for users to evaluate and compare LLMs through crowdsourced assessments.
  • Claude 3 Opus boasts advanced reasoning, math, coding abilities, and an extensive knowledge base, with a token context capacity of up to 1 million tokens.

Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus has overtaken OpenAI’s GPT-4 as the top Large Language Model (LLM), according to the Chatbot Arena leaderboard.

Chatbot Arena, managed by the Large Model Systems Organization (LMSYS ORG), is an online platform designed to evaluate LLMs and introduce new ones. Users can compare and rate different AI chatbots based on their own preferences. The platform relies on a crowdsourced approach where users interact with two unlabeled chatbots at a time and choose the one they find better.

Basically, you have a conversation with two anonymous chatbots at the same time and then judge who’s answered your questions better without knowing which is which. Try it; it’s fun. The way the test is set up prevents model trainers from manipulating outcomes. Even though it is a qualitative assessment, it provides valuable insights for AI researchers seeking to understand user preference and model performance in real-world scenarios.

Ever since OpenAI came out with ChatGPT, it has dominated the Chatbot Arena rankings. Now, however, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus has dethroned it.

LMSYS ORG shared Peter Gostev’s analysis of the Top-15 Chatbot LLM ratings on their X (previously known as Twitter) account. According to the bar chart race, it was a close call.

Claude 3 Opus has advanced reasoning, mathematical prowess, coding capabilities, and an expansive knowledge base. Unlike previous iterations, Claude 3 boasts an impressive token context capacity. It can handle up to 200,000 tokens in its public version and is reportedly capable of processing 1 million tokens with remarkable retrieval rates in a restricted version.

It’s really giving GPT-4 a run for its money.

Claude 3 Opus is not the only Anthropic AI model that made the cut. Sonnet, available for free, and Haiku, a smaller, faster model, have demonstrated competitive performance compared to their counterparts.

Interestingly, Meta is not on the list.

The results have multiple implications for the LLM race in its entirety. The Arena is based on user preferences over purely objective metrics. This perspective may nudge AI development more towards human values and priorities in conversations.

Beyond that, this win for Anthropic places it directly as a major competitor to OpenAI. All eyes are now on the two AI companies.

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