Crown Prince MBS Launches the General Plan for Logistics Centers, Pushing Saudi Arabia to Become a Global Logistics Hub

On August 27, Crown Prince, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Transport and Logistics Services, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has unveiled the blueprint titled the “General Plan for Logistics Centers,” marking a pivotal juncture in the Kingdom’s trajectory. 

This strategic initiative sets forth a comprehensive agenda aimed at empowering the logistical infrastructure across the Saudi Kingdom. Its core objectives span a threefold trajectory:  the expansion and refinement of logistical infrastructure, the cultivation of economic diversification on a local scale, and finally, the strategic positioning of the KSA as an attractive investment epicenter and a critical global hub for seamless logistical operations.

The Crown Prince reiterated that the introduction of the General Plan for Logistics Centers stands as an extension of a continuous trajectory of initiatives, thoughtfully aligned with the goals enshrined within the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services. 

With a resolute purpose, this strategy envisions the progressive evolution of the Kingdom:s logistics sector, a key pillar in catalyzing economic expansion. A significant angle of this progression involves the augmentation of local, regional, and international linkages, which is vital for the facilitation of the intricate web of international trade networks and the interplay of global supply chains. Moreover, as a testament to collaborative intent, forging symbiotic alliances with the private sector is on the forefront. The imperative, here,  is to amplify employment prospects and solidify the Kingdom’s standing as an eminent global logistics hub, buttressed by its vantage geographical positioning that seamlessly binds three key continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The blueprint includes 59 centers, stretching over 100 million square meters. These include 12 in Riyadh, 12 in Makkah, 17 in the Eastern Province, and 18 across Saudi Arabia. Presently, work advances in 21 centers, all slated for completion by 2030.

These hubs will empower local industries, facilitating more efficient exports operations and strengthening e-commerce, and will expedite connections between logistics centers and distribution hubs within Saudi regions. The “General Plan for Logistics Centers” introduces advanced tracking capacities and streamlines the logistics licensing process. This is particularly relative post the introduction of unified licenses for over 1500 local, regional, and global logistics firms. 

The “Fast Track” initiative, in tandem with relative government entities, aspires to expedite license issuance within two hours.

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