Why the Billion-Dollar Cyborg Toys Industry Is So Important

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Lego has decided to discontinue its popular range of programmable cyborg toys, Lego Mindstorms. It has been a hit for adults and children alike since 1998. Lovers of these robot-building kits are now scouring the internet for alternatives.  

An introduction to STEM Cyborg Toys 

STEM cyborg toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics based robotic playthings. As a result, they promote learning, curiosity, and education. Engineering and computer science come together in a fun activity that requires design, construction, operation, application, and computer systems. As a result, kids, under the supervision of adults, build fully functional robots.  

Why Buy Them? 

STEM-related toys, in general, are essential as they are gateways into STEM-oriented futures in a continually growing industry.  

  • Learning while having fun: Cyborg Toys introduce the kids to coding and engineering without the pressure. It’s all about learning rather than memorizing material and getting quizzed on the knowledge. It subsequently promotes a good attitude towards school and learning. 
  • Confidence: Kids are fragile creatures. They are deeply affected by their peers and frequently prefer to remain under the radar so they don’t bring attention to and embarrass themselves. These activities build the children’s confidence in their knowledge, especially in science and math (two tricky subjects). A 2014 study suggests that construction and building manipulation toys enhance kids’ abilities to solve mathematical problems. 
  • Experimentation and creativity: This is an attribute of STEM toys in general. These activities, creating their machine or conducting chemistry experiments, nurture children’s innate curiosity. From there, these little humans learn that asking questions is essential in life (within reason, of course).  
  • Problem Solving: Picture your knowledge as train tracks; the more maintained they are, the easier the train passes. The same goes for learning; as we use these “tracks, ” things connect faster. Eventually, a fun bonding activity between parent/guardian and child became an elaborate problem-solving skill. 

What Do the Cyborg Toys Mean for the Future? 

As the world evolves, it becomes more reliant on automation and technology. AI and IoT are taking over businesses, homes, factories, etc. Introducing our children from a young age to the world of robotics through cyborg toys ensures a healthy unbiased relationship. We show them the best technology has to offer before the worst colors their views. These kids will grow up knowledgeable and experienced in departments we never even understood.  

Furthermore, we have set the groundwork for an automated future, but we may never see it complete. Our kids, however, will live, prosper, and build on what we created. From elaborate businesses to accessible housing, we are enabling them to create, from scratch, beautiful projects.  

Finally, going down this path will certainly be rewarding in your kids’ careers if they choose it.  

  • Robotics Engineer (designing, testing, and building robots) 
  • Robotics Technician (building, installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing robots)  
  • Robotics Software Engineer (developing software for cyborg control and automation) 
  • Robotics Operator (constant and consistent controlling and monitoring of cyborgs) 

Cyborg Toys as a Billion-Dollar Industry 

The market constitutes only two to three percent of the global toy market. Since the vast majority recognized the usefulness and practicality of STEM toys, however, the market is growing exponentially. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of close to seven percent. According to the analysis, online channels (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.) are going to be the fastest-growing distribution entities with a GCR higher than seven percent. Furthermore, the European market for these interactive toys might reach a revenue of over two billion USD by 2025 as we witness a rise in the popularity of scientific and educational toys, 

Our Picks for Best STEM Cyborg Toys  

This category of toys includes playthings related to: 

  • High-end construction and engineering 
  • Circuits and Electricity 
  • DIY projects 
  • Robotics & coding 
  • AI 
  • Sensors 

Novie Interactive Smart Robot 

This cyborg toy is a relatively cheap option: It retails for close to 29 USD on Amazon and 41 USD at Walmart. Novie is a unique toy as it has hand-tracking technology. Kids can wave their hands in several gestures to control the robot. The toy has three stages: beginners, intermediate, and advanced (each with a designated eye color). Despite needing four batteries, the toy is small enough to be comfortably carried around by equally tiny humans.  

ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot  

The next one on our list of top cyborg toys is beginner friendly. The ZOOB robot is a moving building modeling system. It retails for close to 23 USD at Walmart. This kit has many small, versatile pieces, which unfortunately makes it unsuitable for younger kids. It, however, offers a high replay value. Furthermore, the parts work well with other ZOOB kits to produce expanded builds.  

12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toy 

This Stillbird STEM creation is 190 pieces and sports an affordable 31 USD price tag at Walmart. In addition, the cute Wall-E look-alike is 12 cyborgs in 1 and offers two levels to challenge kids. It does not require any batteries as it relies on solar energy. That energy is difficult to provide during certain times of the year.  

Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set 

This adorable little guy is perfect for young beginners. The 77-piece set is on the expensive side, retailing for close to 87 USD on QVC. The best part of this entry to the best cyborg toys is the easy-to-use remote programmer and the lack of screen time.  

Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit 

This one is for our little inventors. Made by Tinkering Labs, this DIY kit retails for 65 USD at Walmart. The pieces are all made of wood and are versatile, allowing a high replay value. In addition, the ten playing cards that challenge kids improve their problem-solving skills. It includes electric motors, batteries, hardware, and tools (protective goggles and a screwdriver). 

Final Thoughts 

Integrating our kids into STEM is crucial for their development and future. Cyborg toys are a sure gateway into the world of robotics and coding. As automation becomes more prevalent in our world, having our kids assimilate the knowledge from a young age is vital for their survival in the long run. Some of our suggestions are cheaper than others (please note the prices are those at the time of publication), but one thing they all have in common is the promotion of learning and creativity through fun and sustainable methods.  

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