Digital Theatre Tools: Et Tu, Tech?

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The theatre has undergone many changes since its inception, especially with all the technological advancements that gave birth to amazing digital tools..

  • The theatre metamorphosed from a male-dominated to a free-for-all industry.
  • With every technological advancement, production would become bigger and better.

I love the theatre, especially musicals. In fact, I’m listening to “Candy Store” from the Heathers: The Musical soundtrack as I’m writing this. But don’t tell anyone. Now, allow me to put my English Literature degree to good use and talk to you about the theatre. And how we went from men playing every character and very few props to magnificent performances using digital theatre tools.

Eons Ago

The theater originated in ancient Greece. It was closely tied to religious festivals and served as a form of communal storytelling, featuring plays, music, dance, and poetry. Back then, only Athenian male actors performed. In fact, male actors in masks and costumes played female characters. Shocker, I know!

Fast forward to the Renaissance period, the establishment of permanent playhouses in Europe revived the theatre after it was “murdered” in the Middle Ages. William Shakespeare, the “to be or not to be” playwright, was the heart of it all. He produced critically acclaimed, and often controversial, plays. Check out A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Digital Theatre Tools

There are playwrights who write art for the sake of art and entertainment, like Oscar Wilde when writing The Importance of Being Earnest. Don’t get me wrong, their work holds meaning and criticism, but they also entertain. Now those playwrights would have LOVED our modern technology. Here are the biggest in terms of impact.

1.      Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is considered one of the biggest advancements in theater technology. It revolutionizes set design by transforming ordinary surfaces into dynamic and immersive displays, creating visually stunning and interactive experiences.

2.     Video Projections

Video projections have greatly enhanced the visual storytelling capabilities. The ability to project moving images onto various surfaces expands the creative possibilities and adds depth to the narrative, transporting the audience into different worlds.

3.     LED Costumes and Curtains

LED technology in costumes and curtains has introduced a new dimension to visual aesthetics. It allows for dynamic and illuminated costumes and stage elements, adding a captivating visual element to performances.

4.     Multimedia Screens

The integration of multimedia screens provides theaters with versatile options for displaying additional visual information, creating captivating backdrops, and enhancing the overall atmosphere of a production.


According to a 2023 research article Digital Tools in Contemporary Theatre Practice, the advancements are not without challenges.

  1. Over-reliance on technology risks shifting the focus away from artistic elements and storytelling, possibly overshadowing the core aspects of the theatrical experience.
  2. Digital tools require technical expertise and resources, posing financial and logistical challenges for theater companies.
  3. Technical malfunctions can disrupt performances.
  4. The presence of screens and projections may create a sense of detachment between performers and the audience, potentially diminishing the human connection and live experience that theater offers.

And the traditionalists are a whole other story.

Closing Thoughts

It started with a bunch of men in costumes honoring Dionysus. Today, the theater incorporates technological advancements and pushes artistic boundaries while remaining a vital form of cultural expression and entertainment. Every now and then, the theatre has a revival. And after COVID-19, these technological advancements could be what keeps on a complex and active path of experimentation. If I could, I would love to see Doctor Faustus. What about you?

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