Users Report YouTube Outage and Troubles

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Both, the YouTube outage and the YouTube TV troubles went worldwide, impacting thousands of users across different regions.

  • received over 13,000 incident reports related to YouTube and over 3,000 reports related to YouTube TV.
  • The outage occurred shortly after YouTube announced its collaboration with Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing service.

The YouTube outage and YouTube TV troubles affected thousands of users. In fact, the outage tracking website recorded over 13,000 reported incidents combined. This outage follows YouTube’s announcement of its Aloud partnership and its “Test & Compare” feature trial.

The reports were not exclusive to the U.S. as the reports originated from several regions.

YouTube has not responded to Reuters’s request for comment on the YouTube outage situation, its cause, or its resolution.

This outage comes after YouTube announced its partnership with Aloud at VidCon. The video-sharing company has a history of announcing new features and changes at this annual multi-day convention catered toward executives, fans, online brands, and creators. In fact, they announced new monetization opportunities for creators at VifCon 2019.

Aloud is an AI-powered dubbing service that was part of Google’s Area 120 which worked on experimental apps and products. According to its official website, the tool first provides you with a transcription of your video for your review and editing. Once that’s done, it translates the reviewed transcript into the language of your choice and then produces the dub.

Amjad Hanif, YouTube’s Vice President of Product Management, said in a statement to The Verge that the tool supports some languages but that more are coming in the future. Hanif also stated that the company is “working to make translated audio tracks sound like the creator’s voice, with more expression, and lip sync” for 2024.

Also following the YouTube outage, the company announced that it’s conducting early testing of a feature called “Test & Compare.” The feature allows content creators to upload three thumbnails per video and have YouTube see, from behind the scenes, which ones perform best.

While the YouTube outage inconvenienced many users, the company continues to explore innovative features and collaborations to enhance its platform’s capabilities.

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