GITEX Tech Week, Day 2:Du places humanity at the heart of technology and innovation


It is without a doubt that the telecommunications industry boasted a hefty footprint during GITEX Tech Week 2021, with operators from all over the world coming together under one roof to showcase how they will elevate our day-to-day.

Some opted to display their most cutting edge of technologies, while others went all out from MedTech to latest consumer electronic deals; UAE’s du, however, took a different approach.

The Dubai-based operator decided to place their weight behind humans and the society they live and work in. This was made apparent through their campaign #PoweredbyHumans, which saw products meant to elevate not only the standard of living but their forms of entertainment.

One of it’s most interesting exhibits was its 5G Mining innovation that allows construction to be done without the need for humans on the ground suffering under the scorching heat of the UAE.

“This year, we want to try to empower and enable people, thus with the power of 5G, it will allow our labor to work in a much safer environment with better efficiency as well,” a du spokesperson told Inside Telecom as he explained the project.

The highest temperature recorded in Dubai is 49.0 °C (120 °F), reached in July 2019, thus a spotlight on these working conditions had to be made.

The project is meant to place people at the center of safety and wellbeing, 5G mining will enable skilled labor to work comfortably outside of the main site while remotely accessing all mining vehicles. “What 5G brings to the table here, which 4G cannot, is the ability to provide them with minimal latency to conduct their jobs accurately,” du highlighted.

The company added that, previously, 4G results on the project presented congestion, noise, and lag, whereas 5G allows the carrier to provide the site with its own private network to run the equipment and machinery effectively without the errors from external factors.

“They will have the bandwidth and latency needed, while all requirements being met without any intervention from outside sources,” du told Inside Telecom.

The company’s 5G mining project has the ability to take construction to the next level, meeting the needs of a highly ambitious UAE in building a futuristic country with humans at its core.