TAMM unites government services on all digital fronts

TAMM, the governmental service provider, also inked its digital mark during the festival.

The service provider is currently directing its focus at providing all governmental agencies, alongside residents and visitors of the UAE, with a multitude of centralized services, such as mobile application, a portal, and a physical center for its whole customer base to achieve its services from one central source.

At Gitex 2021, TAMM demonstrated in its booth a prototype of its latest technique to deploy initiatives focusing on importing governmental services to be managed for customers via the platform’s mobile application, with 700 services embedded into the platform.

Importing governmental services and combining them in one entity will help TAMM integrate 25 customer service branches that will assist in delivering united services for the customers to go through to manage the needed activity or services they want to obtain from a governmental agency.

For instance, if a customer wants to get a trade license to establish a business in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the client must go through concecutive rounds of services before finally obtaining the license.

TAMM’s platform connects these services and their functionality to provide customers with one stage incorporating all governmental services into one entity.

Developing a unified digital government service platform will help Tomm deliver an extended number of solutions from a digital approach via one platform only. This will simplify for businesses, residents, and visitors to obtain whatever service they seek from the comfort of their devices.

The mobile application will incorporate various governmental duties, including registration, business, law, and much more.

The company’s methodology to unify all services into one frame will be responsible for achieving an effortless, optimized, digitalized approach to fulfill users’ requests from any local or governmental authority.