Meet Eva, Your Robotic Photographer 

Fotogenie has introduced a new robotic photographer, Eva robot, that interacts with people and takes their photos.  

Fotogenie has introduced a new robotic photographer, Eva robot, that interacts with people and takes their photos.  

Eva robot is different from other artificial intelligence (AI) systems used nowadays, as it solely functions as a photobooth, which enables it to move around a place in various types of events, such as weddings and parties to be able to interact with attendees and take their photos. 

In an interview with Peta Pixel, Mike Puddiford said that this U.K based robotic photographer is 1.67 meters tall and can be used in a customized way to fit with the event it is integrated into, adding that operates autonomously to enhance gests experiences and offering stylish design by using advanced technology. Therefore, by combining creativity and technology, Eva can snapshot special moments of life. 

Entertaining Robotic Technology 

It is true that this robot uses cutting edge technology, but it was not developed with the aim of replacing humans’ jobs. Eva robot is considered an entertaining element added to any event, as per the Wedding planning website, Hitched. However, one can’t deny that for a human photographer, it could be an exciting experience to work with a robot. 

Additionally, Eva can print photos instantly, and has pre-programmed messages and speeches that can be also customized based on guests’ preferences. It also offers them entertaining props, making the photo sessions playful and enjoyable 

“Eva comes with a collection of fun props that guests can use in their photos, adding a whimsical and playful element to the experience,” added Puddiford during the interview. 

For the design of this robot photographer, Eva’s has a rectangular screen that welcomes people with a message and instructions for taking pictures. This setup is accompanied by its expressive digital face, adding to its charm. During events, guests can pose with the robot in various settings, creating lively and memorable photos. 

Eva has received positive feedback from users, and the demand for such innovative technology is growing. As Fotogenie continues to develop and refine Eva robot, the robot is expected to become an increasingly popular feature at events, providing both entertainment and a unique way to capture special moments. 

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned, this robotic technology is not here to replace humans. However, with such intelligent technology providing huge advancements daily, especially in robotics, will this phenomenon be concluded that robots will eventually eliminate the role of humans? Not forgetting that some people might believe that such innovations may help them cut costs. 

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