Facebook and Rayban face off against Nreal’s new AR glasses

Nreal smart glasses

Facebook’s Ray-Ban smart glasses are about to face strong competition, as Chinese company Nreal has announced a new model of augmented reality (AR) glasses called Air. 

Nreal released its first AR glasses last year, called the Light mixed reality glasses. However, this new model boasts a lighter weight and looks more like an ordinary pair of sunglasses compared to its predecessor. Nreal also noted that the display has been greatly improved, adding the capability to hold a huge virtual screen which runs up in size to 201 inches is now available. 

Engadget noted down the characteristics of Nreal’s new AR glassed, explaining that “the device’s display has a 46-degree Field of View and is powered by a micro-OLED chip for AR devices. It has a high density of colors, with up to 49 Pixels Per Degree, and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. In comparison, the Light has a 52-degree FOV and a 60Hz refresh rate.” 

When comparing Nreal’s two smart glasses side by side, consumers will be able to tell the missing inside-out tracking feature found in the older model. The new Air smart glasses have no motion tracking whatsoever. A company spokesperson told Engadget that based on Light’s usage, Nreal is betting on users to utilize the Air to simply be able to watch shows on YouTube. 

However, one feature the Light doesn’t have is the “adjustable 3-Step Rake System” which gives users the option to adjust the viewing angle by moving the lens and the elastic temples around. 

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll be able to easily connect the Air smart glasses to your smartphone, as Nreal is broadening its prospects from only including Android devices, to allowing users with different gadgets to connect with the smart glasses. 

“Nreal Air will initially be available in Japan, China and South Korea in December 2021 in partnership with leading carriers. It will roll out to other markets in 2022, though the company didn’t specify the additional regions where the device will be available. The firm recently raised $100 million to fund its international expansion, though, so the new model will likely be easier to purchase than the Light, which is only shipping in a handful of countries,” Engadget clarified. 

For those who are interested in purchasing Nreal’s Air smart glasses, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the retail price. However, the company did note that the Air will “retail at a fraction of the price of Nreal Light,” which is being sold at around $1,000.