Facebook gives users control over News Feed content

Meta revealed on Thursday that it is assessing different ways for consumers to control their News Feed content on Facebook, to accurately enhance preferences from certain people, pages, and more.

The social networking giant has re-altered its News Feed functionality, following many previous attempts in preceding years, as the giant is constantly presenting diversified ways of prioritizing content.

In 2015, the company tweaked Facebook’s News Feed to accentuate close friends’ content. Then, in 2016, the giant announced that once more, it was altering the platform’s algorithm to highlight content from friends over brands and publishers.

Followed by the 2018 adjustments, the platform’s Feed was re-adjusted to initiate “back and forth discussion” between users, where Facebook’s most cherished feature, engagement, emerged to the scene.

Two years later, users encountered another modification to their Feed, only this time, the company’s angle was directed at delivering trustworthy and prominent news sources.

The reason behind Meta’s constant changes has remained cryptic, as experts believe that each change was paving the way for a much bigger shift throughout the years. However, in a report released on September 2021, Meta’s unit announced that it will unveil to the public how it decides which content should be suppressed. Including clickbait and posts that violate terms and policies.

Now, Facebook’s latest modification allows users to control the intensity of posts from friends, family, pages, and groups on their Feed.

In a blog post, Meta said that the last change was “part of our ongoing work to give people more control over News Feed, so they see more of what they want and less of what they don’t.”